The Top 10 Places for Women to Travel Solo

If you are a woman with a wanderlust, you’re in good company. From taking time out to work through a major life change, striving for personal freedom and independence, or just because you’re not interested in waiting around for a travel companion, there are plenty of reasons to want to travel on your own.

The top tip for solo women planning on travelling, is to choose your destination carefully. To help you decide on your next trip, BudgetDirect used the geo-location data of 779,546 Instagram posts with #WomenWhoTravel (or similar) hashtags, to find out where women most love to visit on their travels, and visualised the results in a handy interactive map and infographic.

So where are women travelling? These are the top 10 locations, according to the study:

1. London

According to the study,  London is the number one location for women to travel alone. The capital of the UK is safe, and the Underground (Tube) system makes it easy to get around. There’s also plenty to do, from museums and galleries like the Tate Modern and the British Museum, to Afternoon Tea in a fancy hotel, or taking a stroll in a free park like Hampstead Heath.

2. New York

The city that never sleeps is a beloved destination for solo women travellers, and it’s not hard to see why. As well as spectacular cityscapes, museums, and solo dining, you can also ride a bike around Central Park, or channel your inner Ghostbuster at the legendary New York Public Library!

3. Paris

The French capital is a romantic hotspot, but you don’t need to be with a lover or partner to enjoy yourself there. Take yourself on a date with some Impressionists at Musee d’Orsay, watch the world go by at a pavement cafe, and wander around the Latin Quarter to soak up the Parisian atmosphere.

4. Singapore

Singapore is clean and safe, and accessible from all over the world. The National Gallery of Singapore is home to the world’s largest collection of Asian art, while Sentosa island is full of fun and games. If food or shopping are your thing, Singapore is a dream destination!

5. Rome

When it comes to classical architecture, Rome is hard to beat. You can marvel at the Pantheon, take a tour of the Coliseum, and toss a coin for luck in the Trevi Fountain. Top off your pizza with a delicious gelato and a proper Italian espresso!

6. Barcelona

The Catalan capital has a lot to offer solo women travellers. If you want to kick back and relax, there’s plenty of sun, sea, and sangria, but there are also amazing museums and architecture to satisfy your cultural needs. Don’t forget to try the tapas!

7. Los Angeles

Your solo travel experience in LA will really depend on what you’re into – and your budget. There’s fun bars and glamorous nightlife, live entertainment, beaches, and shopping galore!

8. Dubai

Dubai is a popular and cosmopolitan destination for women travelling alone. As well as year-round sun and beautiful beaches, you can shop for gold in an opulent souk, take a boat ride along a canal, and see a camel up close.

9. Gianyar

This region of Bali is very popular with solo female travellers, who can enjoy an array of outdoor activities like water rafting. There are also spectacular forests and rice fields, as well as cultural tours and pampering spa treatments to relax after a day of adventure.

10. Bangkok

Bangkok is a fascinating destination for solo travellers. You can visit the Grand Palace and ornate temples by day, hone your culinary skills in a cooking class or food tour that guides you through the thriving markets, or hire a tuktuk to safely navigate your round the sights.

Check out the map and infographic below to find out which other amazing destination solo women travellers love to visit.

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