The Variety of Urban Decay Photography – 14 Amazing Photos

Urban Decay or Urban Exploration is the exploring of urban (mostly) abandoned structures. The photographer Ben Schreck engaged for years with the subject decay and the beauty in it. The following photos show a cross section of his work from the abandoned places. Insights into the present of the past. From dark shafts in old mines, from bizarre sceneries in derelict houses and castles, surreal-looking industry and unique photos from the Maginot Line out of the second World War.

More about the photography from Ben on his website All rights of the photos goes to its owner, © Copyright Ben Schreck, who gave exclusive right to use it on our webpage.

Abandoned Places – Scream

Ligne Maginot Black Door (Steel Reinforced Door)

Border Area – Relict of the World War 2

Urban Exploration Forgotten Car (The last resting place for this poor Citroën)

Car Parking Space (The last parking bay for this Mercedes)

Chemical Accident Urban Exploration Berlin (In a chemie laboratory)

Urbex Caldron (Monster pipes in an idle plant)

White Falls (Crystals in a cave passage)

Lost Place le Foyer old Architecture

Rail Tunnel (Gallery in a mine)

Mums Kitchen Urban Art

Sleeping Castle (A sleeping Castle waiting for Resurrection)

The Tables (Laboratory in a coal mine)

Urbex Dining Room (Artful room in an abandoned farm house)

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