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The World’s Deadliest Road Trip Destinations

“ROAD TRIP!” The two words that can inspire a renewed sense of wanderlust in the most experienced global adventurer. But where would you go first? The Amalfi Coast Road in Italy? Peru’s Ticlio Pass? Or the USA’s iconic route 66?

All great choices.

But not every road trip is created equally. More importantly, some are far safer than others. So to make sure you’re always on the right (and safest) track, award winning insurer Budget Direct created a map of the world’s most dangerous road trip destinations.

Here’s a closer look at the world’s riskiest road trips

North America

With its epic scenery and miles of open highways, the USA is the ideal road trip destination. But if you do decide to live out this travel dream, stay well clear of Interstate 45. Running from Galveston, Texas, to Houston and Dallas, it’s the country’s deadliest road. It’s seen more than 55 fatal accidents for every 100 miles of road.

South America

Thrill-seekers touring Bolivia could try their luck navigating “The Road of Death.” But be warned, this ominously named road lives up to its title. Cutting through the Cordillera mountains, this winding route claims 200-300 souls every year. Mudslides, falling rocks, and a 600 metre sheer drop are just some of the risks to consider before putting this road trip on your bucket list.


A drive along Route 622 on Iceland’s northern coast is the stuff of road trip legend. Located in the mountainous peninsula Westfjords, it’s an awe-inspiring route framed by towering mountains, overhanging rock formations, and stunning coastal views. But route 622 is as deadly as it is beautiful. Dangerous weather conditions keep it closed for over half the year.

Middle East and Central Asia

Jordan’s Highway 65 runs adjacent to the Dead Sea before reaching the popular tourist city of Irbid. But there’s another reason why locals call this long stretch of road the ‘Dead Man’s Highway.’ A large number of traffic accidents result in 12 fatalities per 10,000 drivers. Thankfully, that number could soon start to fall. An ongoing $1.8 billion regeneration project is improving the highway’s safety infrastructure and building beltways to relieve traffic congestion during the busy tourist season.

Oceania’s dangerous roads

The Guoliang Tunnel is carved along the side of the Taihang Mountains in the Chinese province of Henan. The 1.2 kilometer stretch offers breathtaking views, attracting thousands of tourists every month. But it’s worth exploring this unique attraction on foot rather than by car. The unforgiving mountain pass claims 92 lives every year, mainly caused by traffic accidents and collisions.


The N1 is a national highway in Ghana connecting the capital city, Accra, to dozens of exciting tourist attractions, including national parks, beaches, coastal resorts, and the Cape Coast. But this beautiful stretch of open road has a dark past. A lack of infrastructure and road safety awareness led to more than 6,000 accidents between 2004-2011! Recent public safety campaigns and infrastructure projects mean the N1 highway has become a much safer place for tourists and locals.

Adventure is an important part of any proper road trip. Just take extra care if traveling through these destinations. Otherwise, your next holiday could turn into a real once in a lifetime trip – and not in a good way!

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