Things You Are Doing That You Didn’t Know Could Cause Mold in Your Home

If there is one thing you don’t want to have in your home, it’s mold. Able to start growing and spreading in as little as 24 hours, mold can do substantial damage to your home’s structure, as well as lead to numerous health problems for you and your family. However, what may surprise you is finding out that there are many things you are probably doing around your home regularly that could be causing mold. To find out if you are doing something that may be resulting in mold growing and spreading, here are a few things you may want to reconsider.

Using a Humidifier

If your home’s air tends to be dry, you may use a humidifier to put more moisture in the surrounding air. While not a bad thing, this can actually lead to mold growth. Since mold can grow when the humidity is above 55%, keep your humidifier set at about 50% instead.

Pile of Damp Clothes

Whether it’s having a pile of wet clothes around after getting caught in a downpour or after finishing a load of laundry, leaving damp clothes around in your basement or other area can result in mold growth. Rather than continue to do this and find yourself in need of mold remediation, put your clothes in the dryer immediately.

Poor Ventilation

Whether you are cooking in your kitchen or taking a shower in the bathroom, having poor ventilation in these and other rooms of your home could lead to a severe mold problem. Therefore, when you are cooking or showering, always try to have a window open as much as possible to allow for air circulation, which can virtually eliminate the chance of mold starting to grow.

Not Fixing the Roof

If you’ve been putting off repairs to your roof for some time, you are likely increasing the chances of your home having a major mold problem. When a roof starts to leak, the water usually goes into an attic. When left unattended, the water allows for mold to start growing. Since an attic is typically not well-ventilated, mold can grow and spread quite fast in this environment. To keep this from happening, check your attic and roof for leaks and signs of mold, and don’t procrastinate on those roof repairs.

By making a few changes here and there in your daily routine around the house, you can make sure mold will not become a house guest that never wants to leave.

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