Thinking of Buying an RV This Summer? 4 Types of Maintenance You’ll Need to Consider

Driving around in an RV can be a lot of fun in the summer. You’re able to explore the entire country without having to worry about somewhere to rest for the night. However, buying an RV means you need to tack on the expenses that come with maintaining it. Here are four types of maintenance that you’ll need to consider before buying an RV.

Annual Maintenance

A few tasks should be performed every year. That includes looking at and maintaining the brakes and suspension. Professionals will examine the brakes to determine whether or not they’re corroded or worn down. If so, then they need to be replaced. The last thing you want to experience is braking only to find that your RV keeps moving. The suspension is another important part of your RV. It helps cushion some of the rough roads you’ll be traveling over. Without it, your RV’s wheels and parts will wear down faster. A professional will check that the suspension is functional.

Pre-Trip Maintenance

After you take your RV out of its RV storage, you’ll need to maintain it to ensure it’s ready to be used. One of the most important parts of this maintenance is your tires. They likely need to be pumped up and inspected. If you use your RV a lot, then you also need to consider the tread. If the tread is too worn down, then it may be time to replace the tires. You’ll also want to do a walkthrough of the RV. Does the electricity work? Is the plumbing working? Does the AC turn on? All of these questions should be answered by a reliable professional.

Post-Trip Maintenance

You put your RV through a lot of stress after using it. Everything from driving it on uneven roads to using it in a campground can cause problems. Before you store it for next time, you should have a professional check the roof to ensure it’s still safe. While they’re up there, they should check the AC duct to ensure it isn’t clogged. Finally, they may want to check the oil and other liquids to ensure everything is at the correct amount for next time.

In-Use Maintenance

You’ll need to maintain your RV while you’re using it, too. You’ll need to be sure that you know how to hook up the plumbing and electricity at a campground. If it isn’t working, then you need to know why. You also need to know how to fix pop-outs if your RV comes with pop-outs. If you are new to using an RV, make sure you do your research before any of your trips. You don’t want to be stranded while camping and unaware of the required maintenance to keep your RV running.

Taking care of your RV can be pricey if you don’t maintain it correctly. Storing it properly during the winter can help keep it in good condition. Consider the maintenance types above to determine if owning an RV is right or not for you.

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