This Summer Feel The Beauty Of Sardinia

Sardinia is located in the Mediterranean, on west coast of Italy. The island is popular among Italians and tourists from other parts of the world. Here you can enjoy the sophistication of Costa Smerelda, but also in the rural mountains that adorn this island. For the beaches and resorts probably do not need to waste words. There are many things that attract tourists in Sardinia. If you visit Sardinia, you will have opportunity to enjoy at beautiful sun and pure sea, as well as cities that reflect the history.

It is second in size in Italy and in the Tyrrhenian Sea. It has a strong identity and rich history with many Neolithic sites. It is surrounded by deep emerald sea, beautiful dramatic coastline and sandy beaches. Nature is diverse and provides activities all over the year: horse riding, sailing and even skiing in winter. Sardinia beauty is not composed only by nature and beaches.

The island is full of various towns and villages and the most beautiful town is Alghero. Almost 14% area of the territory is located 300m above sea level, which is ideal for climbers and climbing and from there you can dive into deep water. Sardinia also has a turbulent history that can best be introduced through the numerous archaeological sites. If you visit Sardinia, whenever you leave the hotel, you will have the opportunity to hear some new music street artists who are lifting to a higher scale. And of course there are no bad cosine. Everything is nice, from pasta to seafood.

The island is a real island for vacation and has a wonderful ambience because the development of tourism does not endanger authentic look of the island. If you want to relax in a place that has a untouched nature, and yet you have complete comfort, Sardinia is the right destination for you.

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