Three Places On The Balkan For A Summer Getaway

Balkan countries have always been among the most famous ones when the parties are in question. Even more during the high season and the warm summer days. No that you can enjoy the day laying on the beach and chilling but you can go partying hard by day or by night, as you want. There are at least three top destinations on the Balkan for a crazy holiday for the upcoming summer and one of the advantages are the lower prices in comparison with the rest of Europe and the friendly local people that will make sure you feel comfortable when visiting their place.

1. Bay of Kotor, Montenegro

The bay of Kotor or Boka Kotorska, even just Kotor is well known summer destination in Montenegro facing the Adriatic Sea. If it’s true that “the poison is hidden in a small bottles” than the bay of Kotor is a pure prove of this saying. It’s a small town with a brain-blowing beauty and a perfect place for sea food lovers. This bay consists of four smaller gulfs – the gulf of Tivat, of Herceg Novi, of Risan and of Kotor with a total area of 88 square kilometers that will grave into your mind. You just simply can’t miss it.

Photo: Nico Trinkhaus – Kotor panorama – daylight – CC-BY-NC

2. Dhermi, Albania

A highly recommendable place for the young people especially if their type of summer holiday is the one with foam parties and beach clubs by day and night. Lots of young people, mostly from all over Europe, friendly hosts and low prices. Moreover the rocky beaches and the crystal clear water make Albania such a popular place for the summer holidays. Even though Dhermi is a village on a 42 km away from Vlore, it is the most popular touristic place in Albania.

3. Hvar Island, Croatia

Another place on the Balkan famous for its nightlife and the beautiful bars by the beach. Croatia keeps the worldwide reputation for high quality place for a summer holiday and the Island of Hvar is just another Croatian pearl in this chain. Uvala Dubovica might be the best beach on this island well known for its beauty.

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