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Tips to Choose The Best Vacation Stay in London

While going on a holiday the first concern is ensuring a comfortable place to stay. That is where a vacation rental assumes great significance. Unlike celebs you can easily find a good vacation home or apartment if you do some good planning in advance.

Spending Big

We know celebs spend big bucks on holidays. Most people look up to celebrities and think how great it would have been to walk in their shoes at least for a day. But the fact is that these celebrities themselves are pining to be at ease and want to walk in the shoes of the ordinary men and women after dumping the baggage of stardom for enjoying the holiday thoroughly.

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Celebrities face the pressure of having to take extra precautions to get away from the world. Even to reach the vacation spot they need a private plane or yacht before slipping away without being noticed by the paparazzi.

To be in the ordinary self, celebs rent a private home or villa; stay with a wealthy friend; hide away in a luxury yacht. Since celebs make headlines they prefer expensive hotels even if it burns a gaping hole in the wallet.

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It follows that celebs splurge big money on holidays more to ensure their privacy, than for anything else. They are also human–being glamorous all the time can be weary and they also moments to let the hair down!

Celeb spotting

For those who are curious to see celebs in close quarters dining at celebrity London restaurants will help. In fact London is the best city for celeb spotting.  At Zuma – the Japanese Restaurant you may find Lady GaGa or model Kate Moss quite often. At the Julie’s Restaurant countless number of rich and famous have turned up in its 30 years of existence to taste the yummy European food it serves.

Nobu is yet another leading restaurant famed for fresh sushi and fusion cuisine with actors like Brad Pitt hangout. You may meet celebs enjoying a Subway, driving or jogging.

Comfortable Stay

Coming back to the accommodation part for a holiday, there are many options in the short lets market. The point to be borne in mind is that staying in a short let is the best option to optimize a holiday. The location of short lets such as serviced apartments in central city locations makes outdoor pleasures like wining, dining, shopping or theatre more enjoyable. There is more freedom and privacy compared to hotels with rates at least 40 percent down than the hotels.

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Another great advantage is the range of Short Lets Studio Apartments in London is fine for singletons and nuclear families. Those travelling with bigger teams can try 2, 3 or 5 bedroom apartments equipped with all modern amenities. Besides being economical Short lets also allow longer stays ranging from one week to one month. London Studio Apartments offer are cozy with all facilities. Like the maxim ‘small is beautiful’ these short self contained units contain a small kitchen, a bedroom as well as a private bathroom.

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