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Tips for Creating the Contemporary Living Room

Living room is always the central part of every home where family spends most of their time. Therefore, it must be decorated in the appropriate way, so everyone would feel comfortable while spending time in it. In the sea of furniture, colours, flooring and decorations, this guide will help you choose the right ones and make your living room the best host for your friends, by turning it into a perfect contemporary place.

Walls, Colours, and Accents

Walls, furniture, flooring and all the details that will make your living room cosy, must be perfectly matched to provide the ultimate pleasant atmosphere. If the living room does not get a lot of natural light, it is preferable to use light and bright colours for the walls.

Contemporary Living Room by Spruce Grove Staircases & Railings Prorail Systems Ltd

Earthy green, a warm beige and white are the best colours that will visually enlarge the room. To achieve the contemporary design, match earthy green walls, with the beige or yellow furniture. Brown would do just as well for the sofa or an armchair. Warm beige walls in combination with brown or lavender furniture make the extravagant, yet so modern living room. To make your living room feel homey, make a neat collage out of your family photos and put them on the walls.

Contemporary Living Room by New Hope Interior Designers & Decorators Gacek Design Group, Inc.


Carpet, laminate, wood or stone, every flooring will look best with a carpet. While you probably know whether the shape of the carpet is going to be rectangular, circular or oval, more importantly you should pick the right colour. Deep charcoal carpet will be the best contrast to light beige, white or light blue walls. The room will look especially inviting and open if you choose a light hardwood floor and complete it with a white carpet with touches of brown, beige and black.

Contemporary Living Room by Kirkland Interior Designers & Decorators Design Harmony

A stone tile is a good flooring idea for those living rooms that share space with the kitchen or a dining room. It is easy to keep it clean and a potential water leakage in the kitchen will not damage it. Furthermore, consider installing an air conditioning system into the living room, so that you can avoid any unnecessary scents coming from the cooking. If you ever experience any malfunction, air conditioning repairs Sydney offers are numerous, so you will quickly be able to have a perfectly functional device.

Contemporary Living Room by Mississauga Architects & Building Designers David Small Designs


Choosing the right furniture can be tiresome, and time-consuming, depending on how big your living room actually is. Let us start with the basic item – sofa – a necessary piece of furniture in every living room. A light brown flooring, beige walls and a brown leather sofa with accent pillows will look so elegant. Not all of us like to go bold with the wall colour, but we still feel like there should be a little splash of colour in the room. This is the time to choose a sofa in a bold colour such as fuchsia, or a royal purple and add the special touch to the interior.

Contemporary Living Room by New York Photographers Steven Brown Photography Studio

The seating area is best designed with a coffee table. An end table could do as well, to stand next to the sofa or an armchair, and have a lamp on it for a bit of additional lighting. The tables that feature space for storage are a great choice, especially if you never know where to put the magazines, or your favourite book.

Contemporary Living Room by Westlake Village Design-Build Firms Van Parys Architecture

Contemporary living room deserves an ottoman that will also be a useful coffee table. For those who prefer traditional coffee tables, but still feel the need for an elegant ottoman, they can always place the ottomans under the coffee table and pull them out every time they need.

Contemporary Living Room by Miami Interior Designers & Decorators FAVA DESIGN GROUP

Designing the interior of your living room in a contemporary style means that you must find the balance between functionality and sophistication. Incorporating these suggestions into your design will help you achieve that balance. Therefore, start redesigning and make your home a better place.

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