Tips for First-time Travellers visiting the Superb city of Dubai as a Holiday Destination

Dubai should be a holiday destination that features on to do travel lists of every tourist as it’s a very fascinating part of the United Arab Emirates. The vibrant city has incredible shopping, dining and above all amazing entertainment venues. Travellers will certainly not be bored with Dubai as there is just so much to see and do while there. There are certain things to think about when visiting this popular vacation spot especially if visitors are heading there for the first time. The city can offer up some challenges for tourists if they are not used to certain things, so it’s good to plan ahead and think of what it could be that may affect a traveller.

Firstly, the weather can be a challenge as it offers great sunshine but that sometimes can be very hot. The summer in Dubai is much longer compared to most cities in the world, as it lasts around four months. This type of weather can definitely be overly warm for visitors especially with its high humidity levels. Travellers need not worry about the heat when they are inside as many buildings have amazing air-conditioning. Visitors need to be careful about going outside and sun exposure in this type of weather. Tourists should always take sun cream to put on when they head out and take a hat and sunglasses with them. It’s important to stay out of the sun during the hottest parts of the day to avoid getting burnt.

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Travellers heading to Dubai will want an accommodation close to this wonderful part of the United Arab Emirates. A superb place to head to is the fabulous Al Seef Resort and Spa by Andalus. This luxury accommodation lives up to its five-star tag with amazing suites found in low-rise villas with many modern facilities. There are garden and pool suites available for guests and larger living spaces for families and groups of friends. This luxury resorts in abu dhabi has suites with butlers and French balconies that offer fantastic views of the area of Abu Dhabi.

The sun can be tough to deal with for some travellers but tourists should then think about venturing to the beautiful, mountainous region of Dubai. Here they can escape the hotter temperatures to enjoy the cooler climate on the east coast of the United Arab Emirates. This shows that something Dubai offers more than just indoor malls and shopping destinations. It’s a very interesting holiday spot that has plenty of outdoor activities including a number of hiking areas. It’s advised to join a hiking club as tourists can then be directed to places of interest, and it makes it a safer activity in the hands of experts who know where to go.

The hiking destinations that are found just outside of the city also offer the opportunity to camp out under the stars. The clear night sky is mesmerising in the desert and would be appreciated by travellers who like the great outdoors. Dubai also has waters with incredible wildlife including dolphins, sharks and whales that are fascinating creatures to see when heading out on a boat trip. The city of Dubai is an interesting holiday destination to visit that’s ideal for leisure and business travellers who will enjoy the variety of activities on offer.

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