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Tips on Improving Your Home Office Space

If you have decided to work from home, you have likely setup a workstation that pleases you and allows for comfort and convenience. It is important to designate a space of your home that is vital for your creativity and productivity.

There are many ways in which you can organise and set up your home office. While it is true that there are some guidelines and rules about it, nothing is preventing you from working in a way you find pleasing. If you feel like you want to sit down on the couch and begin your work after a session of domestic cleaning, you are more than welcome to. Still, it is best if you can have a work area that is used solely for this purpose. Once you have that, you can find ways to improve it even further. Here are few ideas that you should keep in mind:

Transitional Home Office by Falmouth Architects & Building Designers Kevin Browne Architecture


It is never wise to keep too much clutter and junk around your home office. You need to manage it in an effective manner so that it doesn’t get in the way of your work. With that in mind, it is preferable if you are preventive and simply not allow clutter in the first place. Dispose of the items you don’t need any more in a timely manner and make sure you are regular at home cleaning as that can make the difference. Acquire organisers and file dividers as those will make your work easier.

Create a focal point

A focal point is the area of the room that immediately captures the attention. When it comes to a home office, this should be one that keeps you focused on your work. It could even be something as simple as adding a small rug under the chair. As long as you can provide adequate carpet cleaning service, it should be fine.

Traditional Home Office by New Rochelle Closet Designers and Professional Organizers transFORM | The Art of Custom Storage

Introduce proper lighting

Lighting is an important factor for setting up your home office. It is rather surprising that this element is often overlooked, because it can contribute to your comfort more than anything else. You can try two sources of light – desk lamp and overhead lights. Go after efficiency with LED technology, which consumes less energy. Reducing glare is also very important, which a nice set of curtains and a lamp shade can contribute to.

Pick the right wall colour

A home office doesn’t need to have brightly coloured walls. On the contrary, neutral colours work perfect for a home office set up. You will hardly ever get tired of a neutral colour, nor feel stressed as you walk in the room ready to start your work.

Transitional Home Office by Sydney Interior Designers & Decorators Alix Helps Interiors

Add a personal touch

It is a good idea to include a little something in your home office space that makes you smile and makes you feel creative. Inspire yourself through a quote you love, some artwork or house plants, which are not only a powerful decorative element, but also purify the air.

Implement these solutions for your home office and you will immediately see the difference they can make.

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