Tips for Studying for Your Social Work Degree While Vacationing in Antigua

If you are on vacation but you still want to study, distractions can make it hard to focus on studying. Antigua has plenty of things to do and see, but remember it is not going anywhere if you spend a day studying! You will not regret missing a few hours of sun for your education. Even taking out an hour a day can be enough to gain your degree and still enjoy your vacation. Here are some tips to help you out.


This is always helpful when studying when you also know there is a lot you want to do and see. Planning what you want to do in Antigua and booking excursions and tours beforehand means you know what time you have free to study. Completing a masters of social work online can give you the freedom and flexibility to study anywhere, as long as you have access to a computer. Use a journal or planner to set aside time that you know you will stick to and work from there. Things will come up and you may want to change plans slightly, just don’t keep putting off your work or it will be harder to enjoy your vacation.

Finding A Space

This can be difficult whilst on vacation as you may not be able to find a quiet space, especially if you are in a busy hotel. Search for a small internet café or take your laptop with you so you can find a nice place to sit, work on your online MSW and still enjoy the local sceneries. You do not have to work in your room. Sometimes getting out and studying can make you more determined to get it done so you can enjoy your time in Antigua.

Take Advantage of Travel Time

Travelling to Antigua means at least a few hours on an airplane. Use revision notes and as long as you stay on airplane mode on your devices, you can take as much advantage as you can whilst commuting. This can also be a great distraction if you do not like flying and it can make the commute feel a lot shorter as your mind is distracted. Earphones or earplugs may be helpful to avoid distractions on the plane.

Enjoy Your Vacation!

Of course, your education is important, but you need to find a happy medium. If you will constantly worry about your work, perhaps you should sit down and try to get most of it done on the first day. You are going to Antigua for a vacation, so make sure you relax and see all the amazing sites too. A vacation is a time to relax and get away from studying when possible, plan your time effectively and you will be able to take out as much time as possible.

Vacationing in Antigua is an opportunity that you do not want to miss, even if it means taking out a few hours to study. Most importantly, enjoy yourself and all the things that Antigua has to offer.

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