Tips for Traveling Alone

Traveling alone is a bold move that can be liberating and enlightening. It’s a time where you can search deep into your soul and practice true independence. Although it can definitely be an adventure, traveling alone can also be quite the task. Check out the following tips for traveling alone that’ll get you on your journey and set for exponential discovery.


Planning travel starts with a budget. And when you’re alone in your endeavors, you must take into consideration all costs, since there’s no one that can be a fall back on the trip. Before you start booking, make a financial plan of how much you currently have for the trip and how much you intend to spend and how much more you’ll need to save. This will help guide your activities prior to the trip so that you have the optimal amount of money to spend on all that you do.

Book Housing Accommodations for One

When you travel alone, you get more flexibility to choose where you stay, often times at a less expensive cost. Consider a studio or 1-bedroom Airbnb or alternatively a hostel since you likely won’t require much living space for your stay. Or if you’re feeling adventurous and want to make some friends along the way, couch surfing is an option. You can find open couches to crash on sites like to meet and stay with locals.

Pack Just the Essentials

If you’re traveling solo, you’ll want to pack light. You only have two hands and one back that are guaranteed to carry your belongings the entire trip, so pack just the essentials. Remember, you can always add when you’re roaming around but it may be hard to subtract from the initial load.

Upgrade the Cell Phone Plan

Before you leave for you trip, consider cell phone plans that are travel friendly. Think about the family and friends you’ll want to contact and keep up to date on your travels and get a plan that fits your communications needs. Instead of worrying about finding Wi-Fi and paying roaming fees, opt for an international plan from carriers such as T-Mobile that offer free texting and unlimited data in 140+ countries.


Seems archaic to write anything down from pen to paper these days, but traveling alone could be one of the best opportunities you’ll have to do so. Jot down each day in a notebook what you saw and the thoughts that went through your mind. You can learn a lot about yourself when you travel alone, and capturing it in words will help you reflect on your experience.

Get Travel Insurance

It’s not always safe to travel by yourself. You never know what kind of accidents or sickness might arise. Getting travel insurance is reassurance that someone will be able to help you in the unfortunate chance you might end up in a hospital. Additionally, if you lose anything or miss a connecting flight to another country, it’ll save you from the full financial loss.

Stay Cautious

When your alone in foreign territory, you can unfortunately become an easy target for dangerous scenarios. Be extra cautious while you are out and about. Pay attention to your valuables and even your drinks so no risky business happens on your watch. You are in a position to look out for yourself.

Embrace Being Solo

When you explore the world solo, it can be eye-opening experience not only where you learn about different cultures, but about yourself. Embrace eating that meal by yourself and how you can truly focus on every flavor note. Practice your social skills by talking to locals and perhaps making new friends. You’ll find that you can survive all on your own and it can be an empowering feeling.

Traveling alone can be the experience of a lifetime so long as you take the right steps to make it happen. Plan ahead, think for yourself, take precautions and let yourself live in the moment in a new place of exploration.

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