Tips for Travelling Alone in a Train

We often find ourselves in the unavoidable situation of having to travel alone in a train for long distances. In other times, we might want to go on a solo trip and hence we might find ourselves travelling alone in a train. But as well all know, it can get a little unsafe at times. So, we need to remember a few simple things and pointers so that we can have a good experience while travelling alone in a train.

Here are a few things we need to remember:

Safety of Your Bags

In Trains, we usually sleep after 930 PM or 10 PM as they switch off the lights. While sleeping, anyone can just come and take away your precious bags if you are not watching them. But while asleep, how to watch out bags?

It is always best to keep the bags under your head while sleeping. If your bags are bigger and you cannot keep it under your head, then can tie the bag straps to your hand or leg so that if anyone moves it, you will get to know easily.

One more thing what you can do in these scenarios is lock up your bags. If anyone is interested in stealing your bags, they will get thrown off by the fact that you have put a lock on it. They would not be able to get into the bags even if they are able to steal it.

Also, you will need to keep things like wallets and cell phones in a sealed place. It is better to wear shorts or pants which have zips on their pockets so that you can lock these things safely.


On long journeys, we often get hungry and will want to eat some food. But the food you might get at the stations may not be to your liking. These days there are several good agencies that provide quality food when the train stops at stations. You can utilize these services.

Apart from this, other good train food can include snacks that you can buy from the many vendors that are around the station.

For Women Travellerss

If you are a woman traveller and you are alone, you can keep the train officials number and call them as soon as possible if you see any sign of danger or problems. In the current modern days, there are great apps for mobile phones that can help you out with the click of a button. All you need to do is press a button and you will be able to alert the nearest police that there is something wrong. Apart from that you can also ask any women passengers around you to help in any case of emergencies. The general public often helps out in tough situations.

Therefore, you know some good things about how to be safe while you are travelling in a train alone. So, the next time you are travelling alone, you know how to keep yourself safe and sound!

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