Tips Why You Should Visit Majorca In February

The travel journeys do not end with the end of the summer. Not in the Mediterranean pearl which has as much things to offer you in the winter time as in the summer. Majorca is one of those places you can visit exactly at any time of the year irrespectively. It actually makes you coming back with the plenty of things and activities you would enjoy doing when it reaches its peak of tourism in July and August or when it gets somewhat less crowded in January and Februari. If you were in doubts about what is the best month to visit this Spanish island, the reply lies in your wish-list priorities.

Wine tours

Rioja might be the best known Spanish region for wines but Majorca has nothing to be jealous on. Binisalem and Santa Marta are among the most famous boutique wine makes where one can do a wine tour and taste over 300 different types of wine. For the wine lovers this is a must, especially in winter time when even the weather itself screams: ‘wine’!

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The sport of the ‘rich and famous’ is popular on the island especially in winter. Majorca has as much as 22 different courses that offer you such a pleasure to enjoy golf. Imagine playing golf and enjoying the view of the island, the nature, the palm trees and the perfect weather. Some of the golf courses like Son Quint, Son Vida and Son Muntaner even offer accommodation.

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Hike the Tramuntana

The famous mountain range has been calling the attention of the visitors since ever, so the locals decided to organize tours for the bravest ones. The tours offers you the opportunity to reach the six peaks over 1000 high. On the trails there are even cozy places where the walkers can eat delicious local food, taste some wine made on the island, even spend the night there and pay a funny amount of money for that unforgettable experience.

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Majorca’s markets

Doing weekly shop at the markets in Majorca it seems to be not just a routine but a way of life of the locals and it is obvious that they enjoy doing this. The largest market on the island is located in the North main city, Inca. One can find absolutely everything he needs, from basic ingredients to local food, wines, typical Spanish cheese, olive oil, even antiques and shoes. All the markets open first thing in the morning and remain open until the late dinner time.

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