Top Tips on what type of Tasty Local Cuisine to try in the Amazing Indian State of Goa

Travellers heading to Goa will know about its famous beaches and its lovely weather but the tasty food it has to offer may not be on their radar. There are many amazing Indian eateries there that are definitely worth trying out for authentic dishes from the country. There is also a superb selection of Indo-Portuguese meals on offer that are unique takes on traditional Indian cooking. There are many excellent dishes that will absolutely tantalise the taste buds, so tourists should know their names to be ready to order them when they are at a restaurant. Eating out in India is a real treat and travellers will be excited to try some new cuisine.

Goa is based on a coastline so naturally there are many eateries offering a range of brilliant seafood dishes. Stuffed crabs are a mouth-watering meal that is often made from crabs that have just been plucked from the sea. These fresh sea-dwellers are cooked in a variety of ways but a popular method is to prepare the meat with fried onions and put it back in the shell. Goan prawn curry is a very famous meal around the world but it really has to be eaten on home territory. This is a mild yellow curry with prawns that’s eaten with rice or bread.

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Travellers heading to Goa will want to find somewhere to stay where they can have access to amazing eateries. There are numerous beach resorts in Goa so tourists will have plenty to choose from including the superb Joecons Beach Resort. Visitors will adore the rooms and suites that are air-conditioned and have complimentary Wi-Fi internet. Found in the town of Benaulim this lovely accommodation is near plenty of entertainment and shopping spots. The diligent staff members offer a shuttle to the nearby beach that is worth visiting to get involved in water sports or just relax. Travellers can get newspapers and chilled mineral water when staying in the spacious rooms at this magnificent accommodation.

Another superb dish is Prawn Balchao that is a pickled red curry that is for fans of spice. It is made with prawns but can also be created with chicken or pork. Chicken Cafreal is a spicy green chicken curry that was introduced to India by the Portuguese, and is often served with potatoes. Pork Vindaloo is again a popular dish served around the world and is a tasty treat that is hot and can also be made with chicken or beef. There are numerous places to eat around Goa and India that offer travellers the chance to sample a delicious Vindaloo.

There are plenty of meals with meat offered to tourists, but vegetarians also get to try some amazing cuisine in Goa. Khatkhate is a dish that is absolutely delightful to eat and is made from mixed vegetables with turmeric, ground coconut and a spice called tirphal that’s akin to Sichuan pepper. Xacuti is also a lovely dish made from roasted onions and coconut either with vegetables, chicken or mutton. There are many desserts worth trying such as the Goan sweet of cocada, which are coconut cookies, and bebinca, which is a tasty layered pudding.

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