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Top 10 Best Places to Visit in Italy for a Perfect Trip in 2020

Italy will not to impress you if you fall in love the regions rich culture, splendid landscapes, and incredible wine and food. Italy also has a laidback lifestyle like driving through the rolling countryside is a sipping Prosecco or Fiat 500 from Lake Como Shores.  The secret is to know some of the top places to visit in Italy.

You will not fail to get a perfect Italian destination whatever your holiday style or time of the year. This article presents some of the classic holiday destinations that you can visit from time to time. These ideas will also take you from the tourist crowds and off the beaten paths. Here is an overview of the top places to visit in Italy;

Italy Lakes

You can soak up these sublime scenery of North Italy by paying a visit to the great lakes. You will be able to explore the glamorous and iconic lake Como. Cruise around the enchanting Borromean Islands of Lake Maggiore or discover the less-known lake Orta.

You will also be able to take on some of the most spectacular villas and gardens of Italy. Italy lakes specialists Inghams will help you to see the best of Italy. Alternatively, you can try a Lake Como tour which takes on one of the top holiday destinations in Italy. Combine with a ride on the fantastic Bernina express and a day in Switzerland.


With countless corners, picturesque canals, and winding alleyways, you won’t be bored walking through the Venice streets. Some of these streets are still unexplored by the visitors.

Take a day and walk through the colorful islands of Murano and Burano. These places are famous for their lace making and glass making. You can uncover all the secrets of the Venice through a well-planned five day tour with a professional.

Amalfi Coast

This destination is designed for lovers who want to experience one of the most memorable tourist destinations in Italy. The Amalfi coast delivers the very best of the Med, from the chic beaches to the Hollywood-worthy towns. Who will not enjoy visiting such a place?

Sorrento presents an idea base that you can use to visit places like Praiano, Ravello, Amalfi, and Positano. On The Beach will give you cheap Amalfi holidays. Alternatively, you can experience a solo escape which takes in Amalfi. Pompeii, and Naples over a period or eight days.


The capital city of Emilia-Romagna has an excellent reputation as the foodie capital of Italy. It is a home to the ragu (Bolognese sauce) and tortellini.

Even though Bologna is an underrated city in Italy, it has its own leaning tower. 25 miles of cafes and arcaded streets that are frequented by smart-heeled ladies. We also have so many students who reside in this place.

Bologna is good for anyone who wants an Italian city that has no crowds. An eight-day cruise in the northern Italy will help you see the city alongside Venice in an eight-day cruise.

The Dolomites

Dolomites is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and among the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world. You can best explore Dolomites during an active break. It will help you to discover the jagged pinnacles for the imposing rocks that rise above the picturesque valleys by climbing, cycling, and hiking.

It is good to head to this place during the summer if you want to see the stunning sceneries in all its glory. You can use a holiday in Dolomites from the Inghams.  It is a destination that should not miss out from your list of visits in these winters.

Italian Riviera

This destination is a home to some of the chicest spots in Italy. The Italian Riviera is good at attracting the jet-set to its quaint fishing villages and photogenic towns. The colorful Cinque Terre is famous for day tours. On the other hand, the Rapallo and Santa Margherita offers a laid back and wonderful atmosphere.

If you want an exclusive getaway. Portofino will give you the best experience. You can even spot an A-Lister in this place. It will give you some of the most affordable trips to one of the top holiday destinations in Italy by Inghams.


Matera is the hottest film destination for 2020. It is in the new Bond Movie No Time to Die. Matera is also a UNESCO World Heritage city that is an absolute must-see in 2020. It is situated in the region of Basilicata in South Italy. Historic Matera is home to sassi and is carved into the rock face. It is a prehistoric cave dwelling that is set beneath the mountain side.

Checking into an Airbnb will help you to experience this city like a local. You can taste specialties like tasty local bread and orecchiette pasta. Matera is a perfect place to visit in these winters.


Tuscany is among the most picturesque areas in Italy. The region delights and captivates tourists with the unforgettable cities. It has excellent vineyards and remarkable countryside.

From fascinating Florence to irresistible Chianti, there is so much that you can do and see on your trip to Tuscany. You can discover the highlights of the region on a cooking holiday which takes in one of the best holiday destinations for holiday. It will help you to learn how to perfect local dishes.


Capri is a serious stunning Island that is highly glamorous. You will be able to find elegant villas that are adorned with the bluest of waters, dramatic cliffs, and bougainvillea. It is not a surprise that Capri attracts wealthy travelers and celebs to its shores.

This picturesque isle is worthwhile a browse whatever your budget. You can see Capri during your tour to Pompeii, Naples, and Amalfi. You will be able to take in the 14th century monastery Certosa di San Giacomo and palatial Villa.


Sicily is full of mouthwatering cuisine, bustling markets, and architectural treasures. It has specialties that range from arancini and panelle to cannoli and offers a diverse island escape.

Do not fail to Visit Mount Etna which is the largest volcano in Europe. You can also check out the Santa Lucia church from the Godfather where there was the filming of Michael Corleone. You can see sites and learn cooking Italian delicacies during your tour to Sicily.


These are the top places to visit in Italy. You will agree that there is so much to do and see when visiting Italy. You can be sure it is one of the best places to spend your holidays.

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