Top 10 Casino Destination – Part 1

Those who consider themselves as lucky ones certainly tested the theory and tried some games of chance such as lotteries or any form of gambling. If you have the desire and willingness to gamble, here are the best destinations in the world, where you can duplicate your fortune, but also where you can stay without it.

1. Las Vegas, the USA

Las Vegas, Nevada is globally known as a city of gambling. Las Vegas for many lucky ones proved to be “fertile ground” for making a lot of money at easy way. At the same time, Las Vegas offers thousands of ways to spend well-earned money – 365 days a year. At the street “The Strip“you can find the most luxurious casinos in the world. It is obvious that this town lives for gambling.

2. Atlantic City, USA

Immediately after Nevada, New Jersey is the second state of the United States which has lawfully permitted gambling. However, this does not apply to the whole state, but only for the city of Atlantic City, which ranks high on the list of best casino destinations. Among the most famous are: Caesars Atlantic City, Borgata, Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino.

3. Monte Carlo, Monaco

Just like in the case of the Las Vegas, any list of casino destinations will not be complete without Monte Carlo. Known as the destination for the wealthiest, Monte Carlo is rich with luxury hotels and expensive yacht clubs, as well as many places where you can try your luck.

4. Baden – Baden, Germany

This German city is a top destination for those who want to gamble. If you are looking for casino city in Europe, Baden – Baden is the place that has to be chosen.

5. Macau, China

If Baden – Baden is casino resort in Europe, Macau is the place for gambling on the continent of Asia. Fans of gambling across Asia choose this destination for spending or duplication of their money in some casinos where you can test your luck with a wide range of exciting games. 7 of casinos in Macau are in the top 20 largest casinos in the world: Venetian Macao, City of Dreams Resort, Casino Ponte 16, MGM Grand Macao, Sands Macao and Starworld & Casino.


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