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Top 10 Destinations For Traveling in October – Part 2

We represent you the second half of the top 10 destinations where you can satisfy your needs and you can feel the autumn magic.

6. Cornwall, Great Britain

Cornwall is a great place to enjoy the beautiful built houses, long colorful orchards and wonderful valleys. This is a right place for relaxing and experience together with friends in a great atmosphere.

7. Huangshan, China

Huangshan or Yellow Mountain is probably the best place in China to watch the autumn in all its entities. All peaks covered with trees melted in beautiful, bright red. Here you will meet some of the essential and acclaimed clouds that form the Chinese atmosphere. Please visit Huangshan on sunrise to see the greenery at its best.

8. West Sweden

October lobster is the basic specialty of menus in Sweden for this period. There you can find fascinating food with fresh fish and wonderful views.

9. Castles of the Loire Valley, France

There is no better time to visit the Loire Valley. During this period you can enjoy in glass of wine and orange sunrise. Also in this place you can see the picking of grapes before his retirement in local drink cup.

10. Pitlochry, Scotland

Pine forests in Scotland not allow their characteristic color to be changed, but because of that its deciduous trees offer some of the best autumn shades in Europe. Take a walk outside the city and get lost in the short and narrow dirt streets. Let the quiet sound of rivers and creeks and the perfect view of the lake take you to a magical journey.


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