Top 10 Enchanted Forests in UK

The enchanted forests are the homes of different fairies, boggarts and all manner of wild creatures. No wonder why these stories are for young children. As we grow u we realize that this is not true, but we still want to enter such an enchanted forest and meet all of those amazing creatures. Well no wonder why there is a natural magic in all those ancient forests on earth. So are you ready to enter the world of all fairy tales? Then prepare and enjoy these enchanted forests all located in the United Kingdom.

Lydford Gorge, Devon

Lydford Gorge is an ancient forest with many deep secrets. It has 9m spectacular waterfall that makes this forest enchanted.

Image by Liam O’Malley via Flickr

Image by Wybren via Flickr

Image by Stephen and Therese Jennings via Flickr

Longshaw, Derbyshire

It is said that in Longshaw there are the mythical goblin-like creatures, boggarts and children can go on hunting for them. Well in this enchanted forest they obviously can’t find them because as we know, goblins are turning into stones.

Image by T K via Flickr

Image by Chris Hill via Flickr

Alderley Edge, Cheshire

Enchanted forest often associated with tales of wizard who traveled with a farmer into the underworld.

Image by Steve Gill via Flickr

Image by Chris via Flickr

Acorn Bank, Cumbria

The pixie houses found in the roots of the trees are just the beginnings of his enchanted forest.

Image by Gillian and Nigel Pigott via Flickr

Ashridge Estate, Hertfordshire

Enchanted forest with many flowers and animals. Home of rare breeds of deer, bats and songbirds, a perfect place to lose yourself in the world of fairy tales.

Image by Adrian Scottow via Flickr

Image by ukgardenphotos via Flickr

Image by ukgardenphotos via Flickr [Harry Potter Tree – Goblet of Fire]

Ullswater, Cumbria

Ullswater is an ancient woodland and there is a tumbling 20 m waterfall called Aira force.

Image by Ian Hex via Flickr

Image by Ambersky235 via Flickr

Image by Howard Stanbury via Flickr

Hatfield Forest, Essex

This ancient forest is filled with ancient trees that some are 1200 years old. They are living sculptures in this enchanted forest.

Image by Hornet Photography via Flickr

Image by Hornet Photography via Flickr

Image by Hornet Photography via Flickr

Runnymede, Surrey

The Ankerwycke yew is thought to be the oldest tree. It is at 2000 years old and it is enchanted. Beside the tree, the whole forest is enchanted with many amazing landscapes and places to live the magic.

Image by Philip Bragg via Flickr [Ankerwycke Yew]

Image by Cristian Bortes via Flickr

Image by Cristian Bortes via Flickr

Dinefwr, Carmarthenshire

Dinefwr is the only designated National Nature Reserve in Wales. It is a home to some of the oldest trees in UK. This area is linked to the King Arthur and his magician Merlin and the legends about the red dragon of Wales.

Image by David Evans via Flickr

Image by marie via Flickr

Shervage Wood, Quantock Hills, Somerset

This enchanted forest is suited on the western side of Quantock Hills. Once it was home to the fire-breathing dragon called Gurt Worm. The story says that the dragon was defeated and cut into two haves.

Image by Nils Pagotto via Flickr

Image by Sarah via Flickr

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