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Top 10 Food Tour Cities in the World

Food tours are on the rise. An emerging trend since as far back as 2012, the activity has experienced significant growth in recent times, with an entire industry of food-related activities springing up around it.

As a result, it’s becoming increasingly easy to find and book food-related activities in almost every tourist destination around the world.

If you are planning your next adventure abroad, and would like to get an insight into a specific culture through its cuisine, keep reading this article to find out the top ten cities which offer unforgettable food tour experiences.

Rome, Italy

It should come as no surprise to find the Italian capital city at the head of this list, since the country is famous around the world for its excellent cuisine.

A Rome food tour is an excellent way of savoring the authentic taste of well-known Italian dishes, while getting to know the history and traditions behind each one.

Visiting this website will provide you with all the details for an eight-stop food tour through Rome’s Historic Centre, during which a variety of local Italian dishes such as pizza, pasta, risotto and cheeses will be served together with high-quality drinks.

Dublin, Ireland

Famous for its pubs and fresh seafood, the Irish capital is a treasure trove for foodies. With its longstanding tradition of artisanal produce, the city’s ingredients lend a unique taste to local dishes.

During a Dublin food tour, you will get the chance to taste the best food in all of Ireland. Starting with an Irish breakfast with a twist, and a flight of authentic Irish whiskeys, the stops of this food tour include an authentic Irish stew, smoked batter cod and artisanal Irish cheeses, among other remarkable dishes.

Chicago, USA

The historic city of Chicago has a culinary style of its own that is worth experiencing in order to fully understand the influence of the city’s immigrants on local culture.

A Chicago Food Tour you will take you through the city’s Loop District, acorss 5 to 6 stops in which Italian influences will be revealed in treats such as deep dish pizza, beef sandwich and Capone cocktail. More information here.

Mexico City, Mexico

In 2010, UNESCO added Mexican food to its List of Intangible Cultural Heritage, thus highlighting its enormous virtues which should be safeguarded for future generations.

In opting for a Mexico Food Tour, you will get a chance to appreciate the authentic style of classic Mexican dishes such as fresh guacamole served with artisanal tortillas, tacos, panucho, enchiladas with mole sauce, tamale and drinks such as Michelada and Mezcal.

New York City, USA

New York City’s large population of immigrants make it a multicultural environment, in which approximately 800 languages are spoken. This extraordinary blend of cultures is reflected in the city’s cuisine. A New York Food Tour will take you for a ride through the Big Apple’s most charming neighborhoods, to sample classic New York foods such as bagel, falafel, cupcakes and pizza. You can find detailed information about this tour on

Sydney, Australia

Sydney is one of the largest cities in Australia, with a long history of indigenous people and culture, which coexist nowadays with arrivals from European countries.

The multicultural background of the city has influenced its cuisine which combines local products with ancestral techniques. Chargrilled watermelon salad, ginger agave cider and locally brewed beer are among the classic dishes that Sydney has to offer to its visitors.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Going to Amsterdam for a food tour means introducing oneself to influences from as far back as the 17th century, with its maritime culture and unique dining style.

“Poffertjes”, delicious Dutch cheeses, Stamppot and batch Dutch beer are just some of the dishes that can be sampled while strolling down the picturesque streets and waterways of the Dutch capital.

Budapest, Hungary

With its centre protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, Hungary’s capital city has a unique history and a multicultural environment that cannot help but influence its cuisine.

Hungarian dishes are spicy and based on locally grown ingredients. They typically combine a wide range of influences, from France to Turkey, to create distinct-tasting dishes filled with sausages and pickled vegetables.

Tokyo, Japan

As the political and economic center of Japan, Tokyo has a long and complex history. Originally a fishing village which developed into one of the most sprawling cities in the world, the metropolis has a great deal to offer food lovers.

Sushi, gyoza, yakitori, Tokyo style meat croquette and Japanese green tea are among the sensational tastes on offer during a Tokyo food tour.

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital city, assembles many elements of the country’s typical cuisine, which is influenced by ancestral Chinese culture.

Local dishes range from pancakes, fresh papaya salads with beef and big bowls of noodle soup to grilled pork with rice, along with traditional juices and delicious Vietnamese coffee.

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