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Top 10 Things to Do and See in California

What is so special about California? Why the place when a lot of dreams are lived out, can be attractive to you? Let’s see 10 things to do and see in the Golden State of California.

Magnificent Coastline

The Pacific Coast Highway is a famous ribbon of road which is stretched 147 miles along from the Oregon and all the way down to San Diego. You can drive it for seven hours nonstop admiring amazing coastal landscapes, seaside villages and virgin forests on a sunny weather which is by the way usual for this state. Or you can spend a week with stops at every significant place on this road.

Image by Akash Gupta via Flickr

Los Angeles and San Francisco

Welcome to the best cities in the world! San Francisco is a major town in California and one the most visited places in the world. Tourists adore it for its ethnic and cultural diversity and Victorian architecture. You can also book a San Francisco airport shuttle to your desired destination and back to the airport to make your travel time less hassle. Best time to visit the second largest city of California – Los Angeles is a summer time. A famous huge sign Hollywood which you remember from the childhood is situated here. As well as the Walk of Fame, Disneyland, and other California attractions.

Image by Geoff Livingston via Flickr

California Food

It’s not a secret that the best sushi and Mexican tacos you can find exactly here! A mild Mediterranean climate and self-conscious style of life are the cause of a huge production and consumption of organic fruits, vegetables, and meats. The California Coast is rich in seafood that also influences a lot a diet of local citizens. Barbecue, avocado and famous bread from an old San Diego’s recipe – every exacting gourmet will find something according to his taste.

Image by m01229 via Flickr

Land of festivals

What else to do in California? Of course to visit any kind of festival. It can be food or wine, agricultural music, cinema, cultural festivals, etc.

Music is one of the best California attractions. From heavy metal to pop music, California is always attracted by singers and songwriters and music fans. Hip hop, country, hardcore punk styles appeared here. California hosts many well-known music festivals in a wide variety of fields, including the Stern Grove Festival, the Hootenanny at Irvine Park, High Sierra Music Festival, and Facedown Fest.

Image by Alan Paone via Flickr

Trees of California

The land of California delights the eye with its flora, especially with trees. The glorious trees are so called “Redwoods” – the tallest, most massive and stunning natural attractions that can be found in the California Parks.

Image by drburtoni via Flickr

One of such giant trees living in Sequoia National Park even has a name Sherman and is one of the most popular sites of interest for tourists.

Alcatraz Island

Do you love strong impressions? A mysterious, beautiful island Alcatraz is one of the most exotic things to see in California as there is nothing alike in the whole USA. The island was developed as a lighthouse and a federal prison. Nowadays it’s a museum and one of the most attractive places of interest for tourists because of its dark and scary history.

Image by Jesse Richmond via Flickr

Salton Sea

The Salton Sea is a popular recreation area with boating, water-skiing, fishing, jet-skiing, hiking, birdwatching, and sailboarding. It’s an inland saline lake in the Sonoran Desert of extreme southeastern California. Over than one million people visit this place every year. The area is settled with campgrounds which are best to be visited from October through May as the summer temperatures here are too extreme.

Image by Alejandro C via Flickr

Napa Valley

Napa Valley is not only a perfect destination for lovers of best wines and tasty food but also a spa resort with beautiful natural views. If you are a student, ask UK EduBirdy for academic help and take a glass of vine contemplating beautiful and relaxing landscapes of this territory.

Image by Mark Leary via Flickr

Lava Tube Caves Under Tulelake

The most spiritual place for whole America is a land of volcano caves in e region of Tulelake. You can come here only to contemplate the unique rugged views created by nature with volcanic eruptions. But if you choose to descend to the caves – provide yourself with the warm cloth as it is very chilly inside!

Image by Rene Rivers via Flickr

Golden Gate Bridge

And of course, it is worth to mention the famous unforgettable site – Golden Gate Bridge which is a symbol of California in the mind of a lot of people.

Image by Louis Raphael via Flickr

We have shown you a tiny part of places to visit in California. Once you see some of them, go ahead to explore another California as it has a lot to show and surprise you!

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