Top 11 Kiddy Places in Milan and Suburbs

It is widely accepted that Milan is not a city for children. It is true, you cannot see as many children here as, let us say, in Vienna. It is enough to talk to locals to get the full list of their favourite kiddy places in the city. Milan mums gather together, forming the associations, internet-unions for improving life of their families. There are many special routes, directing the most suitable ways for baby strollers, cafes, furnished with swaddling tables and many other pleasant things for parents.

The life of Milan mums and dads looks like an obstacle race. Nevertheless, you, dear parents-travellers, shouldn’t worry about your kids. Following my advices you can be sure that Milan is an interesting place for both, children and their parents.

Giardini di Villa Reale city garden

Giardini di Villa Reale is a special place, popular to visit. There is one strange, but pleasant rule: you can enter the park just in your kids company. It should seem what a funny rule! Just believe me, the rule is kept with due diligence. It began in 1920. At that time the park owner presented that beautiful place to the city municipality on condition that the garden will be a place for children.
So it is! It is calm and pleasant in the garden. There are a lot of wraps, picnics and, of course, children. In the center of the park you can meet a big green lawn with the beautiful lake, full of funny turtles. Come and see!

Cascina Cuccagna place

Cascina Cuccagna is an ancient farm, built in 1695 in the center of Milan. The building was renovated many years ago and turned into the multifunctional space. The other words, there many interesting places here: cozy trattoria, garden, shop of organic food. Trattoria is furnished with the comfortable baby seats. There are many creative supplies: pencils, playdough, paints of different colors.

You can also walk along the vegetable patches and catch a few sunny rays with your children. Moreover, there is always place for creative master classes in the workshops and laboratories.

Museo della scienza e della tecnologia Leonardo da Vinci

This is a place mostly for older children. The key point of the museum is special collection of Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions. The objects are not ancient real creations, but they were built according to genius schemes and notes: helicopter, tank, canon, weaver loom, flying machine, train. The museum was named after the famous genius, but you can find the works and inventions of the others masters here.

Milan museum of science and technology is the biggest in Europe. It is divided into five expositions. This is really interesting to choose your own route according to the map.

Acquario Civico – city aquarium

This is not big, but elegant place, built in the beginning of twentieth century. Acquario Civico is situated in the famous city park – parco Sempione. As it was told before, the building is not big, so, you can easily do an exhibition in 20 minutes. Obviously, Milan aquarium cannot be compared with the huge building in Genoa. Don’t forget that Milan is not a sea city. In addition to this, you can visit it free for you and your children.

Anadima quick service restaurant

Anadima is a cozy restaurant. Children can get colored chalks, pencils for creation something incredible with the napkins. The babies can get funny toys and creative materials. The best children crafts, created by little genius, are used for interior decoration. What is winning, there are special menu for children for mini-prices.

Guzzafame farm

Guzzafame farm is situated not far from Milan. Travelling by car, what is more suitable for children, you can get there for 20 minutes. If you want, you can rent car in Milan, planning your long-distance travel beforehand. You can meet your kids with an interesting village life. Every Sunday, beginning with March, the farm owner does the free excursions for everyone, who wants. There is also a restaurant with the health delicious food.

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Gardaland Entertainment Park

Jump in your car and drive to the best suburban entertainments in Italy – Gardaland park. Simply everything is there! Exciting attractions, classical carrousels, funny trains and planes, cosmic spaces, and mass of unforgettable adventures wait for you here! There is a little advice: try to visit the park on weekdays, as it is really crowded at the weekend.

La Scala Opera House

Are you surprised? Theatre can be the right place for children. There are a lot of plays for kids and adults, so-called family visitors. Adults tickets costs about 12-200EUR, children can visit the theatre for free. If you like, you can meet the program and book tickets online.

Ciocco bianco cafe

Milan is full of cafes. So, new cafes need to take a lot of efforts to pay your attention. Ciocco bianco cafe is really popular among parents and their kids. Children can get mini-portions, bibs and nice opportunity to draw the walls. The ice-cream is tasty and made of natural products without harmful additions.

Good Morgan cafe

Good Morgan looks like a cozy house. The cafe owner always wears an apron, the children seat and play on the floor, there are a lot of pencils, books on the tables everywhere – this is a typical cafe atmosphere. It is a good tradition to do interesting master classes for children and their parents every Saturday. You can easily have a rest here, and your kids will always busy, looking for something to their liking.

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Museo dei Bambini Milano

You, probably, know that Milan has got a great Museum for kids, situated in the very center in one of the most prestigious exhibition halls of Milan – Rotonda della Besana. Adults can inspect the beautiful building in baroque while children are participating interesting interactive events.

It is a pity, but planning your vacation with children is not easy in Milan. There are just a few places where your kids can feel freely, funny and interesting. The capital city of the world fashion is a suitable place for shopping, but not for Disneyland. In spite of its reputation to be city for adults, Milan can show you a lot of new places, making you and your children to live this part of Italy with your whole heart. Reading this article you can learn about 11 interesting places, which are absolutely suitable for your family vacation.

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