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Top 3 Ways to Increase the Value of your Home

With market values constantly changing, you may ask yourself, how much is my house worth? When you’re looking to sell your home, working out the value can be a tricky business that involves a lot of time and effort. You can save yourself time and effort getting speedy and accurate valuations from online experts who use the latest most relevant data and algorithms to get an accurate quote. This post takes a look at the top 3 tried and tested ways you can increase the value of your home.

Convert your Loft or Basement

Whilst a lot of people like to keep their attic or cellar as a space for storage, it makes financial sense to convert the available room into living space, and potentially plumb in an additional bathroom. This is a really savvy move to ensure your maximise your home’s potential for value increase. On the plus side, it is a relatively non-disruptive way to improve your house as it does not encroach on your existing living quarters.

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Conversion may ring an alarm bell on the budget side of things, but it can really pay off as the cost of renovation is usually exceeded by the increased resale value. The advice of experts is to get a valuation beforehand and work out the costings and benefits of the work. With basements, it is a choice not to be taken lightly, as converting below ground requires additional structural work and consultant designers and expert builders.

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Add an Extension

Extensions such as extra bathrooms or a conservatory positively impact on the price of your house – more usable space equals more value. The price of the improvements you make will come back to you. As with all major extension work, making the extension look and feel like part of the house, rather than an expensive or unnecessary add-on, is crucial for adding value.

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Improve your Kitchen

Most experts advise that the kitchen is the best existing room to make improvements on. The kitchen is a really important part of the house to attract buyers as it’s a room that can have multi-uses; it’s a place people sit and have breakfast in, entertain in and do work in. For buyers, a good looking and well equipped kitchen can really seal a deal. Even if space is relatively tight, good use of space really draws the right kind of attention.

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Consider these three options as the most drastic home improvements to work out how much your house is worth – always weigh up your options financially to find your best bet.

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