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Top 4 Tips For Traveling With Pets

Everyone loves their furry friends! When it comes time to travel, we hate to leave them at home. They are part of the family, after all. It can be challenging to travel with pets, whether they are big or small. Even bringing the family on a trip can be stressful, but even more so with pets.

Our pets have specific needs at home and away. There are particular requirements for airlines, borders, and immigration departments. You will need to do quite a bit of research if you plan to take your pet with you. If you’re planning a trip, ensure that you plan weeks in advance so you can make the necessary phone calls and arrangements.

It can be challenging to travel with pets, so take these 4 tips into account

Pet-Friendly Resorts

One of the significant concerns, when you are attempting to take your pet on vacation, is finding accommodation that allows animals to stay. You have to do considerable research in the area that you plan to vacation to find a room or resort that will allow your pet.

For example, if you do a quick search online for Dog Friendly Retreats, you should be able to find a suitable option. Another good option is to look into more private accommodation options such as Airbnb stays or short term rental apartments.

Usually, you can have direct access to the owner of the property, so you can call them and explain your case. Regardless of which place you choose, you should always call ahead.

Consult Your Veterinarian

Before traveling with your animal, you need to consult with your veterinarian first. There are many strict requirements for animals when traveling, especially if you are flying. Your veterinarian will also understand the needs of your animal.

Check in with your vet before setting off on a vacation

They will be able to give your family pet the proper care before embarking on any journey. Some veterinarians may suggest a sedative for long-haul adventures, which will help ease your animal. You may also need to get certain vaccinations or shots before leaving.

Not only can your veterinarian provide you with medicine, but they can also help provide tips and tricks to make traveling easier.

Pet Health Certificate

One factor to consider is whether or not you need to bring along a pet health certificate. These can be obtained from your veterinarian before travel. Most airlines will require a certificate of health before boarding.

You should carry around several hard copies of the health certificate, in case you need to present it to immigration, for international travel, or to accommodation hosts before booking.

First Aid Kit

You usually carry a first aid kit around for yourself and your family when traveling, so why not carry one around for your pet?

We recommend a kit with all of the essentials packed before leaving. Some essential items to include are extra treats, familiar toys, water, and other things that make your pet feel comfortable.

This first aid kit should also include bandages, eye drops, allergy medications, and other everyday items that you would also find in a first aid kit for humans.


In general, it can be stressful to travel with your pet, but these helpful tips and tricks should have alleviated some of your worries. Remember to ensure your pet’s comfort as well as your own. This guide will help you and your furry family friends enjoy the best vacation!

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