Top 5 Celebrity Kitchens that are Functional and Beautiful

If you are planning a kitchen makeover and are running out of ideas how to make your new kitchen aesthetically-pleasing and functional, why not check a few celebrity kitchens? While you may not have the same budget as these celebrities, but seeing the top 5 celebrity kitchens will help you get your creative juices flowing and design a beautiful, comfortable and utility-filled kitchen.

So, without much ado, here are some of the best celebrity kitchens that you should be taking a second look at.

Renee Zellweger’s Kitchen

Most fans may not even know the Bridget Jones Diary actress has a country home in Connecticut in the U.S. And, the kitchen in the house is not ostentatious or garish. While it is not a huge kitchen, it has just enough space for Renee to entertain guests and prepare food. The well-designed yet simple kitchen has strategically placed windows that allow natural sunlight to filter in and illuminate the kitchen. She has used dark-coloured knobs for white-coloured cabinets, making the simple cabinetry more appealling. The sink has a large marble slab around it, making it easy to clean up splashes. But this country kitchen’s winning design is the pot rack located above the island. It forms the focal point of the kitchen and also is practical.

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Jennifer Aniston’s Kitchen

It may be hard to imagine the always perfect Jennifer Aniston in the kitchen, but she must be using it. Her home with Justin Theroux has a triangular-shaped kitchen that allows family and close friends to eat in. Although awkwardly-shaped, the kitchen makes good use of the walls and opens spaces as storage. It has open shelves on one wall and a hanging rack for pots and pans on the other wall, allowing Jennifer to maximise storage space without making the kitchen look cluttered.

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Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s Kitchen

The first time people got a glimpse of the Osbourne’s kitchen in their California home was during the reality show The Osbournes aired on MTV. Sharon and Ozzy have a homely kitchen and it was bright and well-lit. The kitchen has a wooden island that is blue eggshell colour, delicate chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and red stools that contrast beautifully with the blue of the island.

Gerard Butler’s Kitchen

This Scottish actor owns a home in New York and the kitchen is inspired by a mediaeval castle kitchen. It has a kitchen island made from dark wood and the same wood is used for the flooring as well as the kitchen cabinets. The sink has intricate details that add to the overall theme. However, mediaeval look is broken by the high-tech appliances, such as a built-in automatic espresso machine.

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Gwyneth Paltrow’s Kitchen

This American actress has gone a step ahead of her peers and published a cookbook. So, she can be considered an authority on cooking. But what about her kitchen in her penthouse in New York? Well, Gwyneth has followed the latest minimalistic trend. The countertop is made from all-white marble and the grandeur is further heightened by the white cabinets. The white French doors of the kitchen is bedecked in long white curtains. And, this stark appearance is beautifully broken by an antique cabinet made from steel and glass. This cabinet houses the actress’ stemware.

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