Top 5 Cities in Europe you Must Visit in Your Lifetime

If you are a travel buff, then Europe should be definitely there on your bucket list. However, do you know which are the places in Europe you would like to go? Making a choice is a bit difficult that too when it’s Europe. From Berlin to Riga, from Stockholm to Copenhagen, from Budapest to Fira, Europe has some of the most beautiful places in the world which you might find difficult to miss out on. But then there are some European destinations which you cannot afford to miss out on at least in this lifetime.  For instance, if you are off for a trip to Europe you should travel from Berlin to Prague by fast train, the experience is one of a kind. It will help you soak in flavours of both the cities in a way which you have never done before. So, here are some of the European cities you should travel.


Amsterdam is a perfect destination for people who are always looking for fun and jazz in their lives. With a bevy of leafy parks, restaurants, bars and museums, Amsterdam is the ‘it’ place. Amsterdam lives up to the phrase live life king size. Have a king size holiday in this European city and up your travel game. The city’s ambience is such that you wouldn’t want to leave it once you are there.


Be it love or fashion, Paris comes across as an amalgamation of some of the best and ethereal things in the world. With its magnificent cafes and restaurants, its eye-grabbing fashion outlets, Paris is a complete marvel. If you want to make the most of your stint in Paris then do go for a bike ride around the city.


Budapest is also known as the hipster capital of Europe. It’s a perfect destination for people in their early 20s. Its nightlife, pub culture is to die for. Besides, it also has some eye-grabbing museums to gawk at. So, if you want to take a break from your monotonous life and let loose, make your way to Budapest. Paint the town red with your close coterie of friends.


Florence is a hub for food buffs and people with a knack for cooking. The city also offers a series of cooking classes. So, in case there’s a chef hidden inside you, let the chef let loose in Florence. Besides, it also has a barrage of bars and pubs.


We have all heard of the Galway Girl. Courtesy  Ed Sheeran. Much like the songs, Galway is one hell of a place. Its Irish culture and exquisite beauty are to die for. You can drive down the lanes of Galway to soak up the Irish atmosphere. It has got a wonderful vibe, something which is really endearing and refreshing. It’s a perfect place for people who want to explore the city with their loved ones. Galway isn’t that popular, but it has a spark to it which will knock you off your feet.

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