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Top 5 Destinations for Lovers of Delicious Food

Some of us are born to travel this world. Fact is that until now each person had visited at least one of the nicest and most expensive places in world which are rich with many sights worth to be seen. But what about places where there is great food? Stopping on that subject we are presenting the top 5 destinations where you can eat and eat delicious food without thinking of the red line which symbolize stop.

1. Hobart, Tasmania

Hobart is the capital of Tasmania and art makes it the most desired destination for 2013’s. But also, besides art this city can be proud with interesting gastronomic scene. Lately, there most popularly is the dish of homemade fish, vegetables and fruits in combination of the finest Australian wines. The cheapest offer of this dish you can find on Saturday at the city of Salamanca Market.

Image by mariusz kluzniak via Flickr

2. Jerusalem, Israel

More important is the spiritual than attractive significance at this tourist location. But, this place surprises with mixtures of many cultures – from Poland to Algerian together with a continual need to experimentation and change. Therefore, at street trade fairs you can try a wide variety of things, such as fresh vegetables and desserts with accessories from local ingredients and spices.

Image by jaime.silva via Flickr

3. Hoi An, Vietnam

If you ever have the opportunity to visit Vietnam, the Hoi An has to be the first destinations on your list. This colourful, magical and wonderful small town has envious combination of Chinese, Japanese and French cuisine. Today the town is visited by thousands of tourists who can not resist his charm, but also can not resist of Cao lau – fine Vietnamese noodles with soup. The impressive culinary scene at Hoi An is under UNESCO protection.

Image by guido da rozze via Flickr

4. Gaziantep, Turkey

Domestic meat specialties such as meat roasted on a skewer can be found in south-eastern Turkey in Gaziantep. Considering that Gaziantep is the centre of Turkey’s production of pistachios, some gastro-experts believe that there was born the first baklava.

Image by Adam Jones via Flickr

5. Providence, Rhode Island

You can not visit this American city without trying the lobster in butter. Fresh seafood and beef quality makes amazing combinations of exciting cuisine in Rhode Island. Also, the local chefs have enormous talent and they know how to make the famous “pizza on the grill”.

Image by Doug Kerr via Flickr

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