Top 5 Yachting Destinations for Sunsets

Watching a spectacular sunset from a superyacht is one of life’s most decadent pleasures, as you sit on deck indulging in champagne and canapés and watch the sky and sea turn pink. There’s simply no better way to finish off a day on a superyacht charter than with a dramatic sunset, so we’ve put together a list of the best yachting destinations on earth for watching the sun drop below the horizon.


The whitewash-and-windmill village of Oia is one of the most famous places on earth to watch a breathtaking sunset, and there are several luxury hotels with stunning cliff-edge views and infinity pools that reflect the sky. Every Santorini sunset is different: some days they’re gentle and ethereal—all soft pinks and hazy Mediterranean purples, while on other evenings the sun sets as a giant ball of fire, staining the sky fierce oranges and reds before sinking into the golden Aegean Sea. If you’re lucky you’ll then see a huge red moon rise over the island, and the stars start to come out across the midnight-blue sky.

Saint Barts

Unlike the long, leisurely sunsets of the Mediterranean, in the Caribbean the dramatic sunsets are quick and almost terrible in their beauty. Expect a show of brilliant reds and deep pinks, raging oranges and shining golds to play across the skies and light up the seas….before the sudden blackness descends and the warm Caribbean night takes over, the smell of frangipanis drifting in the air. There are some superb high-end hotels and restaurants to watch the sunset from on Saint Barts—or you could just enjoy the magnificent show from the sundeck of your yacht.

Florida Keys

Key West enjoys such mind-blowing sunsets that the islanders have turned into a daily festival, with acrobats and fire breathers performing for crowds of people at Mallory Square as they watch the sun drop into the Caribbean and hope to witness the famous green flash. Watch the sun drop behind the palm fronds, sip an icy-cold rum punch, smell the frying conch fritters, and listen as the steel band starts to play. If you’d prefer a bit more serenity with your sunset, then a sunset cruise on your yacht would be hard to beat.


One of the all-time sunset experiences is to be found in the beach clubs of Ibiza, where you can grab a cocktail, dig your feet in the soft sand, and watch one of Ibiza’s legendary, soul-shaking sunsets to the sound of some Ibiza DJ beats. Stretch out on a soft white daybed with gauzy curtains, drink champagne on a clifftop terrace high above the sea, or party where it all began at Café del Mar. Of course, your yacht will offer a sensational view as well if you’d like a bit more solitude- but Ibiza sure knows how to get a party started.

The Maldives

Far out in the vastness of the Indian Ocean, the Maldives are a tiny string of tropical islands which enjoy some of the most splendid sunsets on the planet. Be mesmerised as you watch the tropical skies turn scarlet and lilac, see the turquoise water shine golden, and the sugar-white sands glow a dusky pink under the waving palms. No matter where you are on these little coral atolls, the sunset is guaranteed to be spectacular- and the feeling of exotic glamour on a Maldives yacht charter is unparalleled.

Worth Avenue Yachts can book you an unforgettable yacht charter in any of these locations, where you can sit back and watch the greatest show on earth play across sky and sea.

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