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Top 7 Famous Places To Visit In America During Summertime

The summer of 2022 can bring a ray of hope for the travellers as the Covid-19 crisis has lately blurred off. In such a scenario, most people out there would be planning to go out for a trip after two long years.

Well, if you are one of them, read this article before making any plans. This article deals with some of the famous places to visit in America during the summer vacation. You can easily book a car or take the train from your place to reach these destinations.

For now, go through the details about the places given in this list.

Top Seven Summer Vacation Destinations to Visit In America

Generally, the climate remains favourable in the US during the summer. So, you can have a good time exploring different places in the country. Check out the list below:

1. Mackinac Island, State Michigan

Michigan is one of the northern states of the US, and the climate perennially remains cool here. So, you can visit here in the summer for a short trip. The Mackinac Island falls under this state, and you can take a ferry to reach there.

The best thing about the Mackinac Islands is it has no hotels and modern transport means. You can only move on horses, bicycles or foot. So, it would be a kind of period trip. Moreover, you can get some time to rejuvenate yourself along Lake Huron. Its shoreline has a beautiful lawn where you can spend quality time with your partner while on a romantic holiday.

2. Grand Canyon, State Arizona

Probably, all US citizens desire to visit the Grand Canyon once in their life. It is situated in Arizona and is one of the best summer vacation destinations. You can either visit this place with your family or just your partner. The main activity you can indulge in here is hiking. Moreover, there are some outstanding cycling trails in this place.

The Grand Canyon village homes some outstanding cafes and restaurants. Even you can find a similarity with Batista Restaurant Las Vegas while eating in one of them.

3. Yellowstone National Park, State Idaho, Montana, Wyoming

The Yellowstone National Park is one of the prominent tourist destinations in the country. You can visit here during the summer. The main attraction here is the Old Faithful Geyser, where you can stop over and witness the marvellous landform.

However, you can only go for a family trip to this place as it remains quite crowded during summers. So, you can plan for this place with your kids and family. The best way to reach up to the park is by driving. It can also enable you to cover the whole park.

4. Grand County, State Colorado

If you are among those who want to have a calm and quiet summer vacation, Colorado County can be your best pick. This place might seem heaven to you as it turns exotic yet peaceful during the summer months.

Billy Hathorn, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You can be closer to nature while on a trip to Grand County. Moreover, the best you can do is stop at the Grand Lake and have a good time there. Finally, if you get a bicycle, try to visit the Rocky Mountain National Park as the entire trail is outstanding. If you are lucky enough, you can get to watch the elk herd’s graze.

5. Portland, State Maine

You can visit the Portland in the Maine State if you crave a summer vacation in the US packed with activities. The city has a simplistic vibe that you can enjoy and relax all the time. It has a rocky coastline, and if you stay near it, you can hear the sounds of the sea all the time.

Another thing that you need to remember is to visit a few lighthouses. You can get a lot of them here. As a fact, the place has got such a name due to the abundance of ports in the place.

6. San Francisco, State California

You can always expect to enjoy a memorable summer vacation in San Francisco, California. It is a state that has a pacific coastline and some picturesque beaches. Moreover, you can enjoy perfect city life while being in the place.

The best way you can cover this place is by driving. All you have to do is take a car and drive all over the city. You can also have a drive up to Las Vegas from SF, California. This can be a fun ride as you can enjoy the speed on the highway. Well, if you do visit Las Vegas from San Francisco, try the Cinnamon Sticks in Las Vegas.

7. Panama City Beach, State Florida

The last entry in this list is Panama City Beach in Florida. The best you can do here is take a long beach walk and spend time with your partner or family. You can make the best use of your summer holidays to visit the beaches.

Final Words

Start packing your bags as you now get the list of the seven best places to visit in the US during the summer. You can also book transport and accommodations according to the tenure and itinerary of the trip. In case you are on a budget, try taking the public transport more as it can save a lot of bucks. So, just grab your phone and reach up to the booking sites. However, remember to choose the right packages.

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