Top 7 Reasons to Visit the Islands in South Carolina Vacations in Summer

If you are planning to visit Kiawah Island and Seabrook Island in summer vacation, then you have made the right choice. The islands are, no doubt, beautiful and intriguing during the whole year; however, in summer, it is the most beautiful.

It is considered one of the best tourist places where one can experience living a low country living at its best. It is just some distance away from Charleston; if you are opting for a tour bundle for all the three or more places, then you can rest assured that you can enjoy your summer vacation to the fullest and make lifelong memories.

Here are the top seven reasons to visit Kiawah Island and Seabrook Island in the summer season. Depending on your preference, you can select the beautiful Kiawah Island vacation rentals.

1 It Is Less Crowded During This Season

The islands are busy throughout most parts of the year. The natural scenery is so compelling that people want to visit these places over and over again. They were a top choice in the tourist destination; it is perpetually crowded.

Traveling during the early summer means far less crowded. Less crowd means that the people don’t jam the sites there. You can book a paddleboard adventure, reserve a tee time at one of Kiawah Islands championship golf courses that include the world-famous Ocean Course. You can also entertain yourself during pool time at the Seabrook Island Beach Club.

The freer restaurants and entertainment options mean that booking is easy and less time-consuming.

2 The Leisure Time Places Are In Their Utmost Exuberance

The tourists visiting these places go there, especially to visit the beaches. The beaches there are the biggest attraction. Nonetheless, loitering around the beaches can be boring soon. The beach house rentals can be an excellent option to visit after having gone through the beaches.

Some of the site planners can also help you by giving the best experience with dining, visiting places of attraction all around, and so on.

3 Add To Your Experience with Other Fun Activities

There a lot of activities to enjoy your stay there and make your experience more memorable. Kiawah Island is a prime spot for golfers and tennis players. The other activities like swimming, fishing, paddle boarding, sea surfing, lounging on the beach, and bike riding.

The golf clubs are known as havens for tourists who want to explore the sport. It is also an activity demanding calmness of the mind. It can be a choice of leisure activity or a full-blown tournament to add more fun to your experience.

There are paved bike riding trails. You can take your explorer kit that includes a pair of binoculars, water bottles, and other camping tools. You can rent a bicycle and travel on the trails and explore the natural beauty to a greater extent.

The equestrian center is where you can get to a riding horse along with your family members. Especially, people who love animals or horses, in particular, or those who have always wondered about the longest used medium of locomotion can take a ride on a horse.

There are ponies for children up to a certain age that can walk along with your horse. The horse guides will always accompany you, so you don’t have to worry about the horse running wildly.

4 Get a Fishing Experience

Is it often quoted that if you go to Seabrook Island and do not fish there, then your visit is incomplete? The Bohicket Marina and Market is situated between Seabrook Island and Kiawah Island. It is where you can get the boat on rental and charters.

Spending a day or two in a South Carolina boat can help you meet other passionate beach tourists like you. You can catch fish, prawns, and crabs that you can find there in loads. Besides, spending a night on the sea in a boat or at the beach is the best way to strengthen your romantic bond.

There are other options for fishing too. You can choose between fishing near the sea, reef fishing, and backwater fishing. If fishing is not something you enjoy, then there are sites to watch dolphins swim in a school.

5 Join the Pirates of Charleston Boat Tours

This is one of the fascinating things about the tour on Seabrook Island. The ship is structured in the archaic design of pirate vessels. It is sheer entertainment for adults as well as kids. The kids can also paint their faces and dress up just like pirates of the antiquity. Every child is transformed into a pirate, and they can enjoy the thrill and memorable experience.

You can serve as crew members of the pirate ship, which sails through the high seas into the North Edisto River. The boat also has a boat captain and other crew members and safety things for any likely mishap.

6 Take a Swim at Swimming Pools

Taking a bath in the sea is not a pleasant activity. The salt in the water can cause rashes on the skin and hair problem. However, going to the sea, we like taking a dip in the sea. The swimming pools there can help you ease your craving for swimming. The water during summer is moderately hot, and you can carry out swimming for long hours.

7 Learn Paddle Boarding

One of the most popular activities at Seabrook and nearby Islands is paddle boarding. This activity is fun for individuals or a group of two. Paddleboarding on the salt swamps and waterways close to nature is an adventure no one can afford to miss.

The quietness in the surroundings and connect to nature are some things that will mesmerize you while you paddleboard through the water.

To Conclude We Say

These were the top seven reasons to reasons to visit Kiawah Island and Seabrook Island in the summer season. Depending on your preference, you can select the beautiful Kiawah Island vacation rentals.

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