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Top 8 Tips for Adding Scandinavian Style to Your Home

Today’s home styling trend is on the Scandinavian style, and in fact, this decoration is becoming a global phenomenon. Even seasoned home contractors will be able to tell you that.

There is no doubt though. Scandinavian decoration is functional, simple and connected to nature. And almost everyone’s ideal is towards those things. Such can offer homeowners that interior design elegance and functionality at the same time.

Light Wood Floors

Light flooring is a distinct characteristic of a Scandinavian home interior. You won’t typically find a home with wall-to-wall carpeting even in a living room or a bedroom. Instead, flooring is hardwood painted in white or in its natural color.

Photo by Bob Romijnders Architectuur en Interieur

This design adds not only visual appeal but also an illusion of space that invites more light. And on residential bathrooms, Scandinavian style is notable for its heated tiles, which are intentionally added for warmth in the winter.

White Walls

Not just light wood floors but also white walls are typical of a Scandinavian home. These walls can offer a minimalist appeal to your space. It is cozy and eye pleasing because it is simple and straightforward. After all, these white walls also create a canvas for adding painting or a collage as well as a statement or antique lamp or open wall shelving later. White walls are just versatile that they can accommodate your artistic side, in short.

Photo by Nest Interior Design

Also, white paint can let light natural light in and brighten up the space to fill your home. It is a characteristic of Scandinavian homes because the locals are so conscious about filling their homes with sunlight especially in the dark, cold and long winter.

Photo by Modern Staging | Spaces

So if you’re thinking about incorporating white walls in Scandinavian style kitchen remodeling, you’re on the right track. These walls are also perfect canvasses for your open wall kitchen cabinetry.

Neutral Colours

Another distinct attribute of Scandinavian homes is on its neutral-heavy color shades. The design makes use of greys, whites and tans, and other neutral color schemes. They are to make homes bright and harmonious.

Photo by Breathe Design Studio –

But to make the design a bit more exciting, Nordic designers also make use of bold colors like blue for accenting the decoration. They’re added throughout the neutral color scheme in design. All these are done due to the dark and long winters in Northern Europe.

Mix-and-Match Natural Materials

Don’t forget about wood accents and other natural materials into the design. For wood, it’s added into wood slats, space through walls as well as flooring. Some homeowners also add natural material made toys like a wooden monkey in kid’s bedrooms as playful accents.

Photo by Astoria Designs

For some contrast, interior designers complement the hardness with soft elements like sheepskin textiles or rugs. And in order to maintain the bright design, pine, beech and ash are used throughout as well. For a modern design, Scandinavian designers incorporate metallic finishes in the accent pieces and lighting in addition to wooden decoration and dominance for a natural appeal. A few examples are the popular trends of using brass or copper sconces or pendants that add brightness and shine to a room.


Adding contrasting textures to the dense wood design of Scandinavian homes is another tip to know. As mentioned earlier, sheepskin and rugs can be added to soften the design. For more tips, learn how to play with textures like combining different textiles. A few tips include using linen pillow, wool throw or a Moroccan trellis rug.

Photo by Predella House

Warm textiles are part of the trend in this style, so soft cotton, mohair throws, wool or sheepskins, among others, are also a part of the decoration. All of them offer coziness and texture to a Scandinavian-inspired home.


There isn’t much explanation for this point. It’s as simple as de-cluttering a space (and keeping it de-cluttered). After all, the mantra of this style is staying minimalist.

Photo by Kimberly Demmy Design

As most Scandinavian homes are small particularly in the 50s and 60s, they didn’t have much decorative accents and items. These didn’t also have excessive detailing, and homeowners used to implement a strict storage.

Photo by Louise de Miranda

So without even saying, practicality and simplicity are default characteristics of this design. For example, walls are bare to signify this principle. In fact, toys are wooden and simple objects, and Scandinavian tents in children’s playrooms are made from fabrics and dowels.

Mid-Century Modern Furniture

If you don’t have the budget to spend on designer Nordic-style furniture, you can find mid-century inspired ones like the Kläppa or Ekenäset armchairs. Nevertheless, you wouldn’t run out of options finding your mid-century pieces at affordable prices.

Photo by Fastighetsbyrån

Open, minimalist kitchen

The open concept and white kitchen is typical of a Scandinavian design. For a tip, you might want to use only the lower portion of a cabinet, and then add open shelving for your stuff. And for a minimalist countertop, go with stainless steel or wood instead of marble.

Photo by Architecture for London

Are you excited for a Scandinavian-inspired home decoration and design? Surely, you are! Ask a professional construction company for a recommendation and advice today!

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