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Top Happening Cities that Serve as the Best Shopping Destinations too

When life takes shoppers like you to places, make sure you have already evaluated how good such places can be for you whenever you itch to do shopping. Shopping is one thing that has to go hand in hand with travelling, exploring, living, visiting, business meeting, working, celebrating, etc. There is almost no place in the world where you cannot find a market to soothe your shopping nerves. And the more diverse places you visit, the more are the chances for you to explore exotic trends that vary with culture, climate and tradition. And considering that you are very serious about visiting all the happening cities that have potential to turn into your favourite shopping destinations, too, here is the list of cities you should definitely visit at least once in your lifetime. Read on.

New York City

As they say, New York City never sleeps. This city effusively welcomes all its visitors – from party animals to travellers to business men to students to shoppers and to everyone else. This city is high on fashion where it would not be surprising to find even a toddler looking like a million buck. The interpretation of its fashion word is quite diverse and fascinating. New York embraces all styles – from retro to high fashion. The most notable thing about New York is the presence of almost all world’s famous high fashion brands, including Givenchy, Dior, Ungaro, Galanos, Pierre Cardin, Ossie Clark and so on. You can easily hail cabs or taxis to take you from one shopping destination to another across the city.


Paris is like a must-visit city for shopaholics out on touring the world. It offers a great shopping experience. Its take on fashion is quite apparent from Parisians who make no mistake in putting their best foot forward whenever it comes to making a fashion statement. If you can shop till you drop, then Paris is the best destination for you. Even on modest budgets, you can buy a lot of stuff. And as it is a visitor-friendly city that is stuffed with everything stylish, you would find every reason to fall in love with it.


Melbourne is filled with fashion-forward boutiques, buzzing shopping complexes and great arcades. It is a city that has fine dine and good eating options too. So, you can wallow in shopping great brands as well as eating delicious food. Travelling in the city is also easy as you can hop in a comfortable maxi taxi to Avalon at any time of the day without worrying about anything. And a chauffeur-driven maxi taxi to Melbourne airport is also easy to find and hire. So, yes, Melbourne offers a perfect package that you should not miss for anything in world.


Milan has been the first choice for all who pursue design, finance and fashion. From publishing to partying, dining and commerce, Milan has been setting a benchmark in all of them without fail. This city is a ‘haute couture powerhouse’, where it is an everyday thing to come across streets that easily pass off as ramps. For the love of fashion, you should visit Milan and explore its shops. You would love to return again only to fly home with more shopping bags. You see, shopping at Milan is that addictive.

Already drooling over these cities? Planning your next trips must include aforementioned cities too. And don’t forget to take your man along too, for those times when you start to feel that you don’t want to ever return.

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