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Top Destinations for Those who Love Sailing and Water Sports

Whiffs of cold breeze, occasional bursts of water that drench your clothes but not your spirit and those amazing landscapes that pass by you as you nock back a beer or two… This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the thrill of sailing and water sports, not to mention the adrenaline rush that surges through your veins. Earlier, people would go sailing on a holiday but today they plan a sailing holiday at water sport destinations like the ones at We bring to you some of the best settings flocked to by adventure junkies who love sailing and watersports.

Sailing in Greece

If you are looking for a family sailing vacay with your kids in tow, then the Ionian Islands with gentle winds and calm waters fit the bill perfectly. You can navigate easily through the short sailing passages here, enjoying the gentle afternoon sailing breezes. The islands have plenty of fishing harbors and scenic bays where you can anchor your flotilla as you enjoy a sumptuous dinner quayside. Once you have gained a foothold, or as they say, a sail hold of the gentle breeze here, you can up your game and try the Saronic Islands. The beautiful ports of Tiros, Kyparissi and Plaka on the eastern coast of Peloponnese are ideal too as you can sail all day in the steady breeze. Once you have mastered the art of sailing, you can try the summer Meltemi winds of Sporades Islands.

Snorkeling in Siquijor, Philippines

Siquijor has several beautiful spots but if you are looking for the best snorkeling spot, Tubod Marine Sanctuary located on Tubod Beach is hands down an excellent one. If you are looking for other water sports activities, you can go kayaking or paddling on rented boats. Another great pick for snorkeling will take you to the northeastern side of the Siquijor Island, to the town of Maria where Salagdoong Beach will give you just the thrill you are looking for. You are greeted by parrot-fishes, clams and clown-fish the moment you enter the waters. Towards the northwest of the island, there is Sandugan, and if you are a pro-snorkeler then San Juan Beach is where you must head to. Time to pack your wet-suits for Siquijor!

Whitewater Rafting in Colorado River, US

Colorado is the top spot in the US for whitewater rafting, especially with Colorado River being the most famous river not just of the state but of the country too. Cutting through the Grand Canyon and stretching across seven states in the country and two in Mexico, the river offers amazing whitewater rafting opportunities. As you raft through rapids or enter the calm stretches, you get breathtaking views of the surrounding beauty. For the daredevils, there is the 5,000 feet drop in Arkansas River and for the amateurs, there is Clear Creek which is close to Denver. At Clear Creek, you can find calmer waters where even kids can try out rafting.

Sailing in Dalmatian, Southern Croatia

Southern Dalmatian Islands in Croatia are perfect for anyone looking for a sailing adventure. You can take a week-long round trip from Split or Dubrovnik, but that is not all. A town with a rich history, political backdrop, a heritage reflected in its monuments and breathtaking beauty, Dubrovnik sure is famous for a lot. What you can add to your itinerary is its excellent sailing locations like Marina Dubrovnik in Komolac. Then there is the island of Hvar with its vineyards and storybook villages with their pebbled houses. The sandy coves and bays of Korcula on the southern coast will give you some quality beach time as you take a break from sailing. Vis and Brac are also at a half-day sailing distance and can be covered easily.

Charter a yacht in Italy

Surrounded by five seas – the Mediterranean, Adriatic, Tyrrhenian, Ionian and the Ligurian Sea, Italy is one of the finest countries to plan a yacht charter. A popular yacht sailing location is around Salerno, Naples and Amalfi Coast which would take you to Pompeii, Herculaneum, the volcanic island of Ischia, Ponza, the Capri Blue Lagoon and the five villages ‘Cinque Terra’. You can also explore the Sardinian shores for Cala Gonone, Costa Verde and Costa Smeralda. Sardinia is known for its yacht regattas, yacht racing and annual sailing. As you set sail for Sicily and the Aeolian Islands, the magnificent caves and beaches of the Aeolian Islands would make you want to drop anchor in the waters for as long as you can.

Surfing in Bundoran, Ireland

Bundoran has earned a top place on the surfing map of the world in the last few years and it is a spot well-deserved, for its shores provide constant swells to its surfers. The weather here is somewhat cold but that adds to the thrill quotient for seasoned surfers. Bundoran is at a short distance from Dublin and is one of the top surfing spots of Europe. Surfers throng to Bundoran for The Peak, which is one of the best quality and most consistent reef breaks of Ireland. Surfing the Peak at low tide is what every surfer tries to attempt when in Bundoran. When you need a break from surfing, you can head to Tullan Strand close by for a beach break.

Wind Surfing in Spain

Thousands of kilometers of coastline, ideal wind conditions and a warm climate; all this makes the Spanish beaches a favorite amongst surfers. Every year, Spain gets thousands of windsurfing enthusiasts on its beaches, either for the thrill of the sport or to participate in the various surfing fiestas organized here. Though all of Spain offers excellent surfing weather all year-round, there are some locales that are best suited for the sport not just in Spain but all of Europe. These include Gran Canaria, Santa Lucia de Tirajana and the beaches of Jandia in the south of the island of Fuerteventura, especially Sotavento in Pajara. Last but definitely not least is Tarifa, on the southern coast of mainland Spain.

Scuba diving in Bali

The pristine beaches of Bali, with its vast coral reefs and exotic marine life, beckon scuba divers from all over the world to have a taste of its salty waters! Its fantastic diving locations have made it one of the best places for adventure sports tourism. There is Amed Beach in east Bali along with Tulamben which attracts diving fanatics in hordes. Pemuteran Bay on the northern coast of West Bali is another prime location to dive into shimmering waters and witness spectacular reef gardens. Moving southwards there is Nusa Penida, and then there is Menjangan Island in north Bali.

So how about getting your water sports gear from! Polish those paddles and hoist up your sails all you sailors, for your next vacation!

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