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Top Holiday Spots Around Queensland

Queensland, Australia has a wealth of natural attractions and holiday destinations that make Aussies beam with pride. And it’s easy to see why. From World Heritage-listed areas stretching across thousands of kilometres of coastline to scenic landscapes, there’s a lot to see here. There are even spectacular islands and a beautiful metropolis–sights to satisfy everyone’s thirst for adventure.

Here are the top holiday spots around Queensland that you can line up on your next vacation.

Gold Coast

Few places in the world over can compare to this metropolitan region located in Australia’s east coast, south of Brisbane.

The Gold Coast is famous for being home to Australia’s most popular theme parks – Dreamworld, Sea World, Movie World and Wet’n’Wild.

But its long sandy beaches, elaborate system of inland waterways, canals and surfing spots are perhaps the most powerful tourist magnets to the region.

Besides these, you can move down The Strip with your family to give them a true taste of the life on the coast. Then, you can book a cruise for a day of calm and fresh air out in the blue waters.

Just before you end your vacation, move to the hiking trails crisscrossing the mountain ridges of Lamington National Park. Here you can find the country’s rare birds and pristine rainforest.


This is the capital city of the state of Queensland. It has everything you would expect from a world-class metropolis — a State Library, Botanical Gardens and the Queensland Museum and Sciencentre.

Away from all that, there is the Brisbane River, the South Bank, Kangaroo Point and Victoria Point. Here you can marvel at the red skyline and beautiful sunset. The next day you can shop at the Queen Street Mall, and later on end your day at a restaurant downtown or test your skills at poker at the Conrad Treasury Casino.

Destination Daintree

If you love mother nature, then Daintree rainforest should top your must-see list.

Take a moment under the magnificent Daintree rainforest canopy, cruise a boat down the Daintree River, enjoy the sight of wildlife in the Daintree National Park or just unwind on an empty beach.

There’s so much to experience here. You can ride a horse or take a 4-wheeler for a scenic drive down the Bloomfield Track. And of course, not to forget, Daintree is the only place that has two World Heritage-listed sites side by side – the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree National Park, you just can’t explore it all in a day.

Mount Isa

The name might give the impression of a mountain, but Mount Isa is actually a city in the Gulf Country province of Queensland. One of the most interesting things about it is how the city came to be – and that is mainly because the area is so rich in mineral deposits.

This city is home to some of the most successful mines in history. Hence it gives you a glimpse of what you only see in books. Besides the mines you can go to Lake Moondarra, famed for outdoor recreational activities and fishing.

Carnarvon Gorge National Park

Situated between Roma and Emerald, Carnarvon Gorge is one of the most spectacular places in north Queensland. It is home to tall white sandstone cliffs that form a great gorge with narrow, lush and vibrantly coloured side-gorges. The famous Carnarvon Creek winds its way through the park.

Within the sheltered side-gorges is a remnant rainforest, with the main gorge teeming with Carnarvon fan palms, ferns, ancient cycads, flowering shrubs and gum trees. The cliff tops are covered by grassy open forest. There is a huge variety of plant and animal species in this gorge. For one, there are 173 different species of birds within the park’s creeks.

The park has a wealth of natural and cultural heritage. There is rock art on sandstone overhangs that serve as a delicate reminder of the longstanding connection between the indigenous people and the gorge. Some of the finest elements of art here include Aboriginal Ochre stencils, freehand paintings and rock engravings.

And when you are done hiking and sightseeing, take a refreshing dip in one of the pleasant waterholes found along the tracks and enjoy the sight of the accompanying waterfalls.


Your trip to Australia wouldn’t be complete without experiencing one of the richest sapphire fields in the Southern Hemisphere and the gateway to the Sapphire Gemfields: Emerald.

This is a large modern town in Queensland’s Central Highlands Region. This beautiful town is home to a pleasant community, offering limitless attractions for recreation.

Lamington National Park

The park lies at the border of Queensland and New South Wales, approximately two hours south of Queensland’s capital city Brisbane.

It offers an endless vista of spectacular landscapes, lush rainforests, extensive walking trails and exceptional natural beauty. Lamington is a stunning park featuring some of the best walks, animal and plant life.


Roma is a legendary town and the administrative centre of Queensland’s Maranoa Region. It is famous for its rich wheat and pastoral farming. This diverse town is located in the western Darling Downs of the state of Queensland.

If you love wine, then you’ll want to stay here a little longer. Roma has an excellent wine industry. It also features attractions such as the Big Rig and part of the Carnarvon Gorge National Park. You won’t get bored here!

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