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Top Neighborhoods To Live in Los Angeles

Moving can often feel like an impossible task in itself. From packing to paperwork to rental removals to second thoughts and so much more, we know that moving can be overwhelming in the worse ways possible. And starting off with where to move?

Whether it’s for work, study, leisure, or simply wanting to get out and experience something new, LA is the place to be! It can sometimes be a real hit-and-miss when you’re trying to decide where to move ahead of all the chaos of packing your things and moving. With everyone living completely different lives, it might seem impossible to try and pick a spot that’ll cater to your living requirements. But finding a room for rent in Los Angeles has never been easier! We’ve taken it upon ourselves to round up some of the top neighborhoods you might want to consider living in when it comes to LA, so keep reading below for some of the top tips!

West LA

Let’s kick off with one of the more popular choices, and for all the good reasons, is West LA. If you want a mixture of both the peace of suburban life and easy access to the city, then this one is for you!

West LA’s location is one of the best you could hope for and is literally a short drive away from the beaches of Marina Del Rey, Venice, and of course, the unmissable Santa Monica. There aren’t many who can say they get to take their evening walk across a sandy beach with the setting sun over the horizon.

Not only that, but its convenient location means you can visit a few of the top restaurants, shopping malls, and bars, and with easy access to the freeway, you’re really not limited by where you can get around the city!


If you’re a student registered at the University of Southern California, we can’t think of a neighborhood more local and perfect than USC itself. It makes perfect sense! Need to make it that mandatory 9 am lecture, but love your sleep? Cut down on commute time by moving closer to campus!

Two huge advantages that come with living at USC include convenience and community. The two big Cs. We’ve briefly mentioned the convenience factor before, but it really will save you a whole bunch of commute time that you can spend more efficiently being productive with other tasks.

Alternatively, if most of your time was being eaten up by student commitments, then perhaps the time saved commuting can be better used by immersing yourself in the great community USC has to offer! Less commute time means building a better social life, and with students from all sorts of cultures from around the world, you literally have a little piece of the globe right on your doorstep, just waiting to be discovered!

With plenty of clubs and societies for you to take part in, living close to USC means that making them a regular occurrence is much more likely for you and might mean that you get to see your friends much more often too!


Next on our list is a top pick for anyone who loves the city’s hustle and bustle and wants to be at the heart of it all. If that sounds like you, then we can’t recommend K-town enough! The culture, food, and vibrancy of it all make it another really popular area of LA, and we’re about to tell you why.

If you’re big on the food scene, then you’ll never want to leave Koreatown! Here, you are assured of one of the best varieties of food and cuisines in the area. From tofu soup, the freshest of kimchi, to top-class Korean BBQ that’ll redefine the meaning of food for you, K-town is one neighborhood that’ll tickle your tastebuds like no other.

Of course, Korean food isn’t the only bonus to K-town, and that’s what makes it so special. You can find a whole melting pot of different cultures just waiting for you to immerse yourself, and food is just one of them. From Korean markets to hip and upcoming cafes that are finding newer and newer ways to serve matcha, K-town has a bit of everything!


If you’re someone who lives for glitz, glamour, and maybe even a bit of gossip, then what are you waiting for? Hollywood is literally calling your name!

With so much of Hollywood’s rich history paved along its streets (quite literally in the case of the Hollywood Walk of Fame!), you can see bits and pieces of its development over the years despite changes and improvements.

However, did you know that Hollywood is also home to other historical landmarks, such as the TCL Chinese Theatre, built in 1927? It is responsible for hosting a lot of famous movie premieres, and its architectural features are one of the key things to stand out about it – definitely a spot to keep visiting again and again! And if that isn’t convincing enough, Kobe Bryants’ handprints have just very recently been unveiled at that very theatre!

Another thing that keeps Hollywood alive and exciting is just how diverse it is. You might see this becoming a recurring trait for many of Los Angeles’ neighborhoods, but the diverse cultures and nationalities allow for residents from all over the world to come together and share bits and pieces of their heritage through food, entertainment, shops, music, and art, which is scattered all across the city in the forms of museums, restaurants, and even theme parks!

Downtown LA

One of the biggest features of Downtown LA, which may sound inviting to you, is its iconic and bright nightlife, so if that’s something you’re on the hunt for before you move, this might be just the place for you!

With more than a few spots that you can choose from, even within Downtown LA itself, you’ll be spoiled for choice! From Little Tokyo to South Park and the Arts District, each one has something unique to offer you, so you have plenty of choices to suit your lifestyle.

And even if you feel like you want to live in them all, there’s nothing stopping you from getting to point A to B in the blink of an eye, thanks to the incredible transportation system that has been developed over the years! Traveling all over the city has never been easier, especially so around Downtown LA.

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