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Top New Resolutions for Home Decorating

We people are prone to making resolutions, which we don’t seem to keep. Apart from exercising more, losing weight, eating healthy and pursuing a career, we also make resolutions in terms of home decorating. Are there any promises you made this year? Here is what you can resolve to do.

Resolve to avoid hasty buying

If you are not sure what sofa will match the colors and design of your living room, take your time. There is no need to rush things. Don’t buy a sofa just because you need it. Wait until you figure out which one will look best in the room. Perhaps you will want to experiment with different patterns and arrangements until you find The One. Still haven’t found the perfect furniture set for your bedroom? Again, take your time. There are plenty of options if you are just looking to fill in a room, but your idea extends much further. You want something that will show your individuality and temper. This is why you should never rush the process of decorating. [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Resolve to decorate regardless of your small budget

Let’s admit it. Nobody takes up a decorating project unless they have the budget. However, if you wait until you have the money for that dream renovation, you may never start it. Truth be told, there will always be more important stuff than dolling up your home. Basic human necessities, education and health care come first. Be it as it may, there are a whole host of home décor solutions to keep your budget in check. Painting and furniture rearrangement can make a big difference in the way your interior is seen. Additionaly, adding framed art or pictures to the walls can change the whole feeling of a room. Look for products and materials at thrift stores and garage sales to save some cash. Check online stores as well. Sometimes the best stuff is to be found where least expected. Look for products and materials at thrift stores and garage sails to save some cash. Check online stores as well. Sometimes the best stuff is to be found where least expected.

Image by Valerie Wilcox: Photographer via Houzz

Resolve to buy only the stuff you need

Like many people you are probably tempted to buy random things just because. But are the things really important to you? Do they serve any purpose? Let’s get one thing clear: there is no point in buying stuff you are likely to lock up in a cabinet, never to use again. Steer clear of overstocking and try to purchase the things you really love. When figuring out what to go for and what to save on, only one thing matters – your taste. What style do you like best? What colors do you enjoy? Stick with those colors and style and restrict your buys to them. You need to come to terms with the fact that you can’t have everything. And everything is clearly not what you need.

Image by A Darling Felicity Photography via Houzz

Get rid of all the things you don’t like and make it a habit to bring only the things you fancy into your residence. Your home is your castle. Surround yourself with positive energy.

Resolve to keep your home organized

Any brilliant home decorating idea can be overshadowed by a dirty and cluttered interior. Develop a habit to clean, declutter and organize your home regularly so that it looks at its best. Remember to organize your closet. This area of your home is almost never attended to. Furthermore, declutter your laundry area and pantry. Start with a small project and move to bigger ones. It’s worth a try.

Image by Lisa Lev Design via Houzz

Finally, no matter what you resolve to do, make sure you keep your resolutions. If you are tempted to break any of your promises, try to focus on your goals. Repeat to yourself that you will be much better off sticking to your plans. If necessary, write down your resolutions so that you don’t forget them. Wish you luck.

The article is written by Kathleen Crane who runs DomesticCleaners Balham and she loves to write for decorating.

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