Top places in The World For a Fishing Vacation

If you love fishing then why not turn your next vacation into one that allows you to spend your days, rod in hand and catching some of the World’s most exciting fish! A fishing vacation allows you to have the best of both worlds, a chance to enjoy some much needed time away, relaxing in the sun or by the pool and also to spend some hours enjoying your favorite hobby in a new part of the World.

If you want to go for a fishing vacation this year and not sure where to go then fear not as we have put together a list of some of the finest destinations for you and your tackle.


Often not given the credit that it deserves for its fishing opportunities Miami is more renowned for its Latin style, its beautiful beaches, lively night life and expensive houses. If you want to go fishing in Miami then it is recommended that you charter a private tour which can take you to the finest spots both in and off-shore. Miami makes the perfect place for a fishing vacation and you can pass your days either at sea or relaxing on the stunning South Beach. Expect to find a whole range of fish here from tuna, kingfish, sailfish, groupers and snappers to name just a few.

Lizard Island

As if the sunshine, the relaxed way of life, the outstanding beaches and friendly locals weren’t already enough reasons for you to go to Australia, you can also indulge in some incredible fishing trips. Lizard Island lies on Australia’s Great Barrier Reef and is one of the most popular fishing locations in the country. Here you have the opportunity to snag some truly incredible fish from giant black marlins to mackerel and queenfish to mahimahi amongst many others. A beautiful place for a vacation and a perfect place to fish.

Rio Grande

If trout fishing is your thing then why not try an altogether different type of vacation this year and head down to Argentina’s Rio Grande for some of the best trout fishing opportunities in the World. The city of Rio Grande is not filled with adventure and excitement but if you are looking for a vacation which will be centered solely on catching fish, then this could be a great place to choose. Average daily catch rates in this river are between 10-13lbs and if you make the trip to the chilly southern city of Rio Grande then you will not be disappointed with your yield. This area of Argentina is right in the far south in the Patagonia region and you could combine your time in Rio Grande with a trip to Chile or some of the region’s incredible glaciers.

These are our top 3 picks for fishing vacations in 2017, all of the seasons run between July and October with the exception of those who are looking to catch the infamous giant black marlin in Australia, the season for marlin runs between October and December which is summertime in Australia.

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