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Top Things to do in Perth

Perth is the capital of Western Australia. There’s a residential population of 1.97 million people and an estimated 2.8 million tourists per year which has led it to become the fourth most populous city in the country. There’s so much to do and see here and the luxury of not being tied to one location, by opting for campervan hire in Perth, is a real advantage when wanting to explore such a beautiful place. Stock up your van with all the essentials such as food, cold drinks, and your camera and check out our guide of the top things to do in Perth this year.

Visit Kings Park

Perth is the only capital city on the Indian Ocean and it unashamedly oozes confidence. Kings Park is a trendy area with hip wine bars, spectacular green parks, sunny beaches colonial architecture and glittering skyscrapers. This is a vibrant, energetic and hip area and one where you’re only ever a short drive from somewhere totally unique.  You can spend some serious time here, and it’s a great place to go and relax when the weather is good.

Image by Alexander Fortin via Flickr

Check out the surrounding areas

Take a bike, boat, surfboard or fishing rod and find a whole abundance of activities, monuments and secret slices of paradise in the surrounding areas of Perth. Secluded bays, secret beaches, world famous Swan Valley, Perth Zoo and more than 40 vineyards await your visit. You’ll certainly be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding something to do, and if your party want to split up to explore separately, there really is something for everyone in the area.

Image by Daniel Lee via Flickr

Shop, shop, shop

As well as the spacious beaches, tranquil landscapes and natural beauty, Perth is a city with an incredible choice when it comes to shopping. The lively city precincts include some incredibly charming boutiques, malls, trendy bars and fine restaurants. There’s also live music and a stunning theatre where you can embrace your love of the arts. Make sure there’s enough room in the campervan for you with all those shopping bags!

London Court

Image by Redwood Balmers via Flickr

Cottesloe Beach

This beach has been a favourite for tourists and natives alike for the last 100 years, owing to its relaxed atmosphere and easy-to-reach location (just 15 minutes drive from the city centre). This is the perfect beach for those wanting an unprecedented view of the Australian sun setting over the Indian Ocean. Campervan hire in Perth enables you to visit wherever you want and not have to worry about finding a hotel. It’s perfect for exploring.

Image by CottesloeBeach Chalets via Flickr

Eat in Fremantle

For a real taste of authentic, traditional Australian grub this is the place to go. Along the streets, which are lined with art and overlook the beautiful harbour, there are many talented buskers and the choice of which heritage-listed building you’d like to dine it is unlimited.

Image by KC via Flickr

The Indian Ocean driving experience

The beauty of holidaying in a campervan is that you can travel in comfort and not worry about where you’ll sleep that night. This provides the perfect opportunity to explore. Discover coral reefs, historical fishing towns, white beaches and stunning national parks driving along Western Australia’s Coral Coast. There’s even the option to swim with the huge whale shark on Ningaloo Reef.

Image by Matthew Fuentes via Flickr

Spend time in the Swan Valley

This is a location that’s all about the good life. Boutique breweries, family-run wineries, alfresco dining and unrivalled picnicking locations, Swan Valley has it all. There’s the charming colonial village of Guildford with many unique shops and eateries – some of which date back to the 19th century. In addition to this, there’s also beautiful national parks, wildlife sanctuaries and an enormous countryside for you to explore.

Image by Matt Dwen via Flickr

These are just some of the fantastic places you could visit, but there are thousands more, so whats to stop you taking a campervan hire in Perth and finding your own little favourite spot?

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