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Lacking In Clothing Space? Top Tips For Maximising Your Storage This Summer

Over the years we seem to accumulate a lot of stuff – whether for practical need or just sentimentality – that we just can’t bring ourselves to get rid of. That’s especially the case with clothes – many of us have those items that we harbor a hope of wearing ‘one day’.

So, until you’re able to afford that mansion that you’re always dreaming about, you’re going to need some smart storage options to hide away any belongings that don’t need to be on display, or to tidy up overflowing wardrobes and make your space feel a lot more neat and tidy. Here are our top tips for maximising your storage this summer!

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Don’t forget to look up

You’re missing out on some vital storage space if you’re not making the most of the space between cupboards and the ceiling – so always think vertical too! Adding in pretty storage boxes on top of wardrobes – and kitchen cupboards downstairs – can provide some much needed space for belongings you wouldn’t use that often whilst also making use of areas that are normally out of reach. They’re perfect for space-hungry shoes, blankets and quilts.

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Make the most of shelving

Many people avoid adding shelving units into small spaces as they believe that it can make the room look even smaller still – but that doesn’t have to be the case. By losing a tiny amount of space you’re opening your room up to heaps more storage allowance to keep clutter at bay. Plus if you get inventive with your shelving choices, it could become the focal point of the room that really adds that something unique to you.

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Hide it under the bed

The beauty of a divan bed is that it provides heaps of extra storage space hidden away under the mattress, leaving you with more space to move around the bedroom or introduce different pieces of furniture, whilst still making it easy to get to your belongings. There are plenty of Divan Bed Bases to choose from at affordable prices, whether you’re looking for something plain and simple or something a little more chic to make up the centrepiece of your bedroom. Smart and comfortable – you’re onto a winner!

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Get creative in the bathroom

Small bathrooms are often a cause for concern in their own right when it comes to figuring out storage options, as you need somewhere to store those all-important creams and lotions before you can even think about anything else. That’s when you need to get creative! Make the most of the door and purchase hanging storage options that can be hidden out of sight when the room isn’t in use. Getting towels and even dressing gowns in here can clear up much needed storage space in your wardrobe for the rest of your clothing.

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Maximise your wardrobe space

Is your wardrobe bursting at the seams with new season fashion bargains and leaving you strapped for space? Make the most of the space you do have by introducing a little organisation to the chaos. You can increase the amount that your wardrobe can hold by adding in some inserts such as drawers and shoe racks that not only make everything a lot tidier and easier to find, but also increase the capacity for that new pair of shoes that you just HAVE to have!

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