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Top Ways to Help Your Home Last Longer

There’s one thing that every homeowner eventually discovers: if you take care of your house, it will take care of you. When you consistently stay on top of household upkeep and give your home the care it requires, it will be a more pleasant living space and save you heaps of money in the long run. Beyond that, a home that’s properly maintained will remain in good condition for far longer than one that’s neglected. To give your dwelling the longest possible lifespan, consider committing to a few key aspects of household care.

Conduct Regular Walkthroughs

You’d be surprised at how many fixable things you can notice by simply taking a stroll around your household. Make a habit to conduct one of these walkthroughs every couple of months, and look for anything needing attention. You might find air or water leaks, areas that are in desperate need of thorough cleaning, or even parts of the home’s structure that need repairs or inspections. If ignored for too long, issues that seem minor can accumulate and seriously affect the overall health of your home, so try to consistently stay on top of them.

Maintain Your Roof and Siding

A healthy, intact roof is a necessity for a long-lasting home. If your shingles or gutters become damaged, it can quickly lead to more serious problems for your household, including leaks that lead to destructive water damage and even mold growth. If possible, have your roof professionally inspected every year or two. If your hired contractors come across any problems, they can provide whatever roofing repair services are required. Getting ahead of these problems early will make all the difference in the world. It seems like a common sense thing to do, but not many people think about their roof as often as they should.

The siding on your home is also a very important protectant for your home. Without it, the bare walls of your home would be taking the brunt of the weather which would cause a great deal of damage very quickly. Whether it is actual siding panels, stucco, or another type of siding, it is wise to have that looked at as often as you do your roof.

Invest in a Fresh Paint Job

A fresh paint job will make your house look nice and new, but that’s far from its only benefit. Many homeowners don’t realize that a new coat of paint can actually extend their home’s lifespan by several years. This is because that new layer of paint will protect the walls of your home from dirt, contaminants, rust, and other types of deterioration. However, before the paint gets applied, make sure to inspect your walls for any existing damage that needs to be repaired, otherwise preventing future problems won’t do nearly as much good.

Even if you don’t plan on living in the same home for decades to come, it will still benefit you to keep the place in the best possible shape. If the time comes that you’re hoping to sell it, the value you can expect will be greatly dependent on how well you’ve cared for and maintained it. So, you have nothing to lose by creating good home upkeep habits, and you can start right now.

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