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Top Of The World: 5 Great High Altitude Experiences

Who wouldn’t want to feel on top of the world? Well no-one but we are talking more literally than figuratively and there are plenty of high altitude vacation experiences that are accessible to the normal, average person. We are going to take a look at some of these adventures and don’t get me wrong we are looking at activities that require some physical fitness but you certainly don’t need to be a professional athlete to achieve these.

Everest Base Camp

I’m not suggesting that everyone should try to climb the highest mountain in the world to the very top but it is very achievable to hike to Mount Everest Base Camp which is a wonderful and fulfilling experience, it is a 14 day hike so not to be taken lightly, but there is no actual climbing involved and this is taking a view of walking for less than 5 hours each day which should be no issue for any fit and healthy walker.

Mount Sinai – Egypt

If you would like a bit of a religious angle to your high altitude experience then you should look no further than Mount Sinai in Egypt where Moses received the 10 commandments from God. There are various routes available and as such there are ways that are more and less difficult to achieve this and you can easily get a guided tour if need be.

Heli Skiing Alaska

This is one I did not too long ago and although I’ve been skiing many times I’ve never been airlifted into the slopes via helicopter before! Heli skiing Alaska in really adds a special dimension to it, you feel like you’re a James Bond style secret agent (or maybe that’s just me). It’s a truly unique experience that I would recommend to anyone.

Lhasa – Tibet Autonomous Region

Lhasa is a fascinating historical city in the mountains and was once the winter retreat of the Dalai Lama. It is a fascinating city with a huge range of festivals such as the month long Saga Dawa festival celebrating the birth of Buddha. It is quite a traditional place in terms of food available but still basic is not necessarily bad and there are some fantastic traditional restaurants in town. Jokhang Temple is a great place to visit as is the Barkhor Square and don’t forget to pay a visit to Potala Palace where the Dalai Lama stayed. Best to visit in Spring and Summer (April to October) as the weather is best then.

Mount Kilimanjaro – Tanzania

Kilimanjaro is one of the highest mountains in the world and as such it is something that all of us would get a lot out of doing. The good news is that despite being so high it is very accessible and can be scaled by most fit and healthy people. Tanzania is a great country to visit and is very welcoming and safe and there are many different ecosystems on and around the mountain making it supremely interesting to visit.

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