Trafalgar Square – Great Spot to Relax and Watch the World go By

The capital of the United Kingdom has settled more than two millennial. Its history dates back to Roman times when it was called Londinium. This world metropolis leaves no one indifferent. London is the largest city in Europe, a city of diverse cultures, blend of tradition and modernity. Also it is rich with cultural and historical landmarks. Every day thousands of travelers enclose attractive destinations worldwide.

Trafalgar Squere is a must see attraction for visitors to London. There you will find a cultural events, performances and shows that would make your day. Amazing monuments are something which is part of the history of London and they are priceless. This is one admiring place where you can sit and just watch the world go by.

Image by Luke Roberts via Flickr

Image by Alan Light via Flickr

Trafalgar Square in London is not only the most famous square of the capital of the United Kingdom, but also is inevitable tourist attraction. It is located in the City of Westminster and built around the area named Charing Cross. The square is crammed with various statues and sculptures. Besides the four recognizable lions guarding the central feature of the square as known as monument Nelson’s Column, of the four edges of the square are deployed stone bases with sculptures. Specifically, three of the four bases have sculptures, original monuments of historical figures set in the 19th century, while the fourth, the last few years has become an attractive location for a variety of projects, primarily with artistic character.

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Image by Alan Light via Flickr

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As I mentioned on the square there are four plinths for statues. General Sir Charles James Napier, Major General Sir Henry Havelock and King George IV are those bronze statues. Also, the fountains, the statue of blue cock, the pigeons flocking the places making the Trafalgar Square an irresistible destination. At the same time controversial modern art which contributes the square to keep its status as the heart of London.

Image by Peter Trimming via Flickr

Image by Peter Trimming via Flickr

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