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Transform The Long Moving Day Into a Real Holiday!

Of course, it`s not always necessarily to book a removal company for the holidays in order to enjoy a smooth and trouble-less move. Indeed, it is exactly the holidays and the weekends when the roads see the heaviest car traffic! The hustle and bustle in the big cities can make the relocation quite more difficult than you expect, while to drive a huge van with all your possessions might be quite overwhelming. That`s why a great idea is to leave the holidays for other things, but if you want to enjoy a relocation like a real holiday – check out these tips:

– Try to avoid the winter season due to the extremely low air temperature, which in a combination with winds, snow and rain, can cause damages to your possessions. The wind usually makes the handling of large flat objects like paintings and flat TV screens quite impossible, while the unexpected rain is a real issue if you move plenty of electronic devices. You can protect your electronic devices and furnishings with lots of extra wrappings, plastic bags and boxes, but it is a truly time-consuming adventure, which is just not worth it for a relocation that lasts only a couple of hours. Book a removal supplier for a warm and calm day in the springtime or in the autumn. Try to avoid the mid-summer too, especially if you plan to move nearby a summer resort area or in a big metropolitan area.

– Make the arrangement, the sorting and the packing of your possessions quite earlier before the moving day. The most important thing at the moving day is to take your free time to supervise the activities, so try to make the last minute moving atmosphere as relaxing as possible. The best way for doing so is to ensure that everything is prepared, checked and last-checked. Start inspecting your house for useless items at least a month before the move. Get rid of these items by selling, donating or recycling, which is the best way to move only with the most important items that you really want to take in the new house. Request removal bags and boxes from your removal company quite in advance. The packing is usually the most difficult and time-consuming step of the move, so take your free time to do everything from the compiling of the moving checklist to properly protecting your belongings.

– A simple sketching with the floor plan of the new house can facilitate the work of your helpers. Sketch the floor plan with all the important measurements such as the distance of the front door to the parking lot or to the garage, sketch the dimensions of the doors, sketch the exact spots in the specific rooms where you want the moving crew to unload your removal boxes. Give that sketching to the movers and you can really save quite some time when unboxing and arranging the heaviest or biggest furnishings.

– Another great advice is to make sandwiches, coffee, tea or refreshing drinks for the moving day. They always turn very handy if you have kids and if you want to reduce the hustling atmosphere. Or else, a cup of coffee with the moving team before the real journey is always a great way to discuss the activities and the important things that should take place in the moving day.

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