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7 Travel Destinations You Must Include in Your Bucket List for India

India is dotted with so many amazing destinations that it is easy to get confused as to what to include in the list of places to visit and what to leave out. In a way it is a nice situation to be in, because you have more flexibility in handpicking your favorite destinations. Further, travel destinations in India give you the opportunity to appreciate its geographical diversity, multifaceted yet pluralistic culture, and the striking contrasts its wildlife offers. Here we bring you a list of popular travel destination in India that you can refer to while preparing your bucket list:

Munnar, Kerala

If you want to spend some time of solitude in the arms of nature, there is no better place than Munnar. Situated at a height of 6000 ft and at a distance of 140 km from Kochi, Munnar is one hill station that would pull continuously at your heart with its incredible beauty, especially the tea gardens of the region look out of this world. The journey along the winding roads leading up to the hill station is also one hell of a ride and is just the right teaser to what lies ahead. The hill station is rimmed by huge mountains and is perched on a hill which looks out on a valley. If you come here in winter, take care, because the wind is so strong at this time of the year that it can throw you off -balance.

Image by Himanshu Sarpotdar via Flickr

Nubra Valley, Ladakh

The tri-armed Valley of Nubra, often called the heaven on earth, is located in the north east of Ladakh at an elevation of more than 3048 meters. Nubra Valley comprises the Nubra and Shayok rivers, which also happen to be important sources of water in the region. The Nubra region is a harsh and arid land that tests the endurance of the local inhabitants on a daily basis.  These extreme conditions mean that vegetation is scant, but the amazing view of the snow-clad mountains that encompass the valley would stop any chances of your feeling low. Camel ride is very popular among tourists here; so do give it a try. Then there are also a number of evergreen attractions like the ancient Gompas and palaces; also you can also go for an evening stroll and enjoy the incredible beauty of the valley.

Image by Axel Drainville via Flickr

Jim Corbett National Park, Uttarakhand

If you harbor love for the wildlife, look no further than Jim Corbett National Park –it is one of those rare places, where for a change, it is the animals and not humans who take center-stage. And you will find the animals here in great shape and high spirits thanks to the park authorities who work round the clock to ensure that these wonderful animals can roam freely in their natural habitat. With its thick forests, mostly comprising of Sal trees, and large canopies which blocks most of the sunrays, the park does looks intimidating. But not for its inhabitants like the Bengal tiger, Asiatic elephants, leopards, wild boar, and sloth bear who seem to prosper in these conditions. Book yourself an elephant or jeep safari for easy movement inside the park and to get the best views.

Image by Roshan Panjwani via Flickr

Matheran, Maharashtra

The strikingly beautiful destination of Matheran is located in the state of Maharashtra and on top of a hill; in fact its name translates to “forest on the forehead.” The only automobile free hill station in the all of Asia, it is not a surprise that it is one of the most cleanest and greenest places you will ever see. Located at an elevation of about 800 m above sea level, Mantheran continues to be a hot weekend destination owing to its closeness to Mumbai and Pune. The hill station has many vantage points from where you can get a bird’s eye view of the throbbing beauty that lies all around; the views of the Deccan plains and the Western Ghats are not to be missed.  Some important attractions here include Alexander Point, Prabal Fort, and Charlotte Lake.

Image by delna k via Flickr

Key Monastery, Himachal Pradesh

There is so much history and aura surrounding the Key Monastery that it exerts a magnetic pull even on someone who has nothing to do with history or spirituality. Also, this more than 1000-year old monastery is not just the oldest training center for the Lamas, but it is also the biggest in the Spiti Valley and continues to be a guiding force that helps maintain peace and harmony across the country. The Pasada style architecture of the monastery has been a great source of curiosity for visitors and scientists alike. Spread across three floors, the monastery houses a number of ancient murals, weapons of the past and rare-to-find thangkas. Don’t miss the image of Buddha who has been shown in a meditating position. Other rare collections include instruments like trumpets, cymbals and drums.

Image by Jelle Visser via Flickr


With better connectivity and more awareness about its smoldering beauty, Mizoram is no longer a fringe destination among travelers today. The state has some incredibly beautiful ridges, hulking high mountains, gurgling rivers that crisscross the state, and pleasant climate which together weave a magic charm on the traveler. Mizo culture is also such a contrast to what one sees in the other parts of the country that for a moment you will be taken aback. Yes, the Mizos are a very open minded people, and their women folk more than matches up to their men; you will find young girls unabashedly smoking away, wearing modern clothes, or hanging out at odd hours without a care in the world –and mind you no one dares to bother them! But despite their openness, they are very warm and friendly and are always ready to strike up a conversation and give you insight into their culture and traditions. An amazing land, which would make you believe in the diversity of India and love it even more…

Image by Dheeraj Dwivedi via Flickr

Hampi, Karnataka

A travel-friendly destination, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is famous for its ancient ruins and temples, which you will find look too good to be real. You will come across many undulating terrains here covered with heaps of giant boulders hanging dangerously as well as palm groves, banana plantations and paddy fields. The scene all around is such that you would not like to blink even for a moment. To cover the entire site, it will take you a day or two, so if you want to take in everything, come here with some time in hand. Apart from sightseeing, visitors may go shopping in the Hampi Bazaar. The nearby villages, meanwhile, hosts a number of budget lodges, restaurants, antique shops, and other items of traveler’s interest.

Image by Amre via Flickr

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