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How to Travel for Fun & Income

Imagine if your office was a beach anywhere in the world. For some lucky people, that is a reality. How would you like to travel for fun while earning an income? People do just that.  If your everyday work life is the same cubical you have inhabited for the last five years, maybe what you need is a change of scenery. Here are some ideas to get you started.

After Work – Maui, Hawaii

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Become What You Love To Do

If you love taking pictures, then become a nature photographer. There is a market for high-grade original photographs. The perk is that you get to travel to places you love and then spend your time capturing the intricacies of those places. If you are a people person, then focus on the culture as well as the location. Whatever your passion is should be your career. It is when we do what we love that we produce great things. The best piece of advice for anyone stuck in a job that they hate is to find a job that you love. Start with the things in your life that you enjoy the most and consider how you can turn them into profit.

Morning Fog – Mt. Tamalpais, San Francisco, California

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Become a Travel Writer

If you love to travel, or maybe you already travel for work, capture where you go in articles that help other travelers. The travel industry is dying for original content that allows readers to feel and experience a destination. There is a perk to this as well. If you start your own company, travel expenses are tax-deductible, which means you might travel more for less. There are also online sites that buy content so travel writers find it easy to sell their work.

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Be A Traveling Business Analyst

There are so many companies needing additional analytic help that an independent business analyst is a very doable career. If you love to travel, then specialize in an industry and go for it. If you need to upgrade your degree, an MS in Analytics online program is perfect for those who travel. Go to school anywhere there is an Internet connection. This is also the perfect way to get noticed by top companies.

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The Keys To Success

The best tips for anyone who wants to travel for fun and still earn a living involve understanding your market. If there is a call for what you want to do, go for it.

  1. Learning to live frugally is another tip for being able to start a small business and still survive.
  2. Consider transitioning part-time into a new travel career. If you need to work part-time while building up your business, then do it. Everything that moves you closer to your goal is a positive.
  3. Learn to network and how to leverage your network to find new clients.
  4. Make friends. Social media is a powerful tool that when used correctly boosts small business growth.
  5. Learn how to develop a portfolio for your industry. Being able to show off your work is important.

How will you make travel both a fun and profitable option?

Image by Jorge Quinteros via Flickr

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