Many people travel, and when they do, they might have dramatically different reasons. You might travel because your work tells you that you must. If so, you might visit another state or a foreign country, but you may have little sightseeing time.

You might travel because you want a break. Maybe you’ve worked hard lately, and you think you need a battery recharge. Perhaps you’ll visit New York and see some of the city’s oldest and most beautiful architecture. Maybe you’ll head out to LA and walk along Hollywood Boulevard amongst the customed characters and tourists.

Wherever you go, you might come back feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. We’ll discuss travel in greater depth right now. You might learn about yourself when you do it.

You Need a Scenery Change Sometimes

Some people work a lot. You might have two jobs or even three. Perhaps you work forty hours per week, or maybe you put in sixty or seventy.

Some people love their jobs, and they work so much because that’s their passion. Many others do it because they feel they must occupy their time. They think that if they stop and have some quiet time on their own, they might not like what their mind tells them.

Travel: How Seeing Exotic Places Changes Your Perception

Sometimes, you need a scenery change, and travel can offer that. If you’ve worked hard for months or even years, and you have the money, you might take a trip on your own.

When you do, and you wake up with different surroundings, you might find that you can think clearly.

Maybe with no one you know around you, you can decide you’ll make some life changes.

You might understand you’re not happy at your job anymore, and you feel you should change careers. You may realize your current relationship doesn’t fulfill you. You might think you want children while you’re young enough.

Travel: How Seeing Exotic Places Changes Your Perception

Whatever revelation comes your way, travel can bring that about. If you stay in the same place for too long, you can’t usually jumpstart your brain the way you should.

You Might Realize You’re Not the Universe’s Center

You might sometimes feel like you’re an important person. Maybe you’re the one in your friend group who always suggests what bar you’ll visit. When you take someone out on a date, you might always pick the restaurant and the activity you’ll do afterward.

Travel: How Seeing Exotic Places Changes Your Perception

Maybe you like taking charge like that, but perhaps you detest it. You may realize when you travel that you’re not the universe’s center, and you can let someone else take charge. You don’t have to remain that Type A personality that’s always the decision maker.

When you go somewhere, and no one knows you, it can make you see that there’s a wide world out there, with everyone leading their own lives without your knowledge. If you sit quietly at a café in a foreign country and watch everyone going about their business, you may understand that you’re only a tiny cog in the universe, despite your inflated sense that you’re self-important.

Travel: How Seeing Exotic Places Changes Your Perception

That can help you sometimes. It can humble you. When you return home, you might let things take their course rather than feeling you must always take control.

You Might Meet People Unlike Yourself

If you travel, you might also meet new people. If you’re in a different state, or even a different country, they might seem very unlike you. They dress differently, eat different foods, and have lives that barely resemble your own.

When you meet them, it can show you that your way isn’t the only way. You may meet people back home, and they think, dress, talk, and act just like you. You might start thinking that that is the only way anyone lives.

Travel: How Seeing Exotic Places Changes Your Perception

By meeting different people, it helps you understand that the world doesn’t always agree. Many people have dramatically different viewpoints and lives, and that doesn’t necessarily mean that anyone’s right or wrong. They simply have different experiences that shape their worldviews.

In short, when you travel, you often gain introspection. You might not get there if your journey takes you one town over, but if you go somewhere far away and completely new, it can make you see everything differently.

When you get back, maybe the people you know will barely recognize you. They may say you seem different. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. You might understand that changing your perception of certain issues can only help you.