How to Travel to Patagonia, Superyacht-Style

With the demand for remote superyacht cruising booming, wild, spectacular Patagonia is coming to the attention of yacht charterers looking to adventure in luxury. Travel to Patagonia is made effortless and supremely luxurious on board a charter yacht, as you float along the South American coastline beneath a dramatic skyline of glaciers, snow-capped mountains, and fragrant pine forest.

Why Travel to Patagonia?

Travel to Patagonia is perfect for the adventurous yacht charter: one who dreams of kayaking through icebergs and white water rafting down snow-melt rivers, heli-fishing in distant mountain streams and hiking forest paths. Explore coastal caves hewn from marble, exquisite patterns of blues and purples swirling through the rock and carved into archways and pillars by the glacial blue sea, and power up fjords to the foot of glaciers, where icebergs calve off in a mighty display of nature’s sound and fury. Inland, the spectacular Torres del Paine National Park rears up out of the landscape, its jagged peaks perhaps the greatest symbol of Patagonia’s raw and humbling beauty.

The wildlife on show in Patagonia is extraordinary; killer whales streak through the water in a deadly flash of black and white and pods of humpbacks breach next to the tender, their barnacled mouths wide open as they feed on krill. Penguins and seals flit silently through the sea or squawk raucously in their colonies, and eagles soar above the high country, where wild horses roam the plains and pumas stalk quietly in lonely mountain passes.

When the exploring is over for another day, return to the yacht for a soak in the steaming Jacuzzi, preferably with a cognac in hand, glacier ice clinking softly against the glass. All the civilised pleasures are available on board, from the yacht’s private chef to the cutting-edge media systems – the perfect contrast to a day in the remote wilderness down here near the bottom of the world.

Travel to Patagonia Made Easy

Patagonia is a vast area of contrasting landscapes, and travelling conventionally by road has its challenges and frustrations. All of these difficulties are removed with a yacht charter in Patagonia, where the yacht does the travelling for you, and you return to the same sumptuous stateroom to sleep each night, rather than having to constantly move between hotels of varying quality. The yacht’s captain, chef, and crew strive to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience tailored perfectly to your tastes; no pandering to the masses of tour groups or eating food you don’t like in strange restaurants. Travel to Patagonia on a superyacht is the definition of adventuring in luxury.

Patagonia offers safe anchorages beyond counting and a wide range of stunning cruising grounds to choose from – whether you’d prefer to explore the pretty harbour towns, volcanoes, and magnificent rainforest waterfalls of the north, or venture into the rugged glacial landscapes, mountain ranges, and fjords of the south. For those concerned about the logistics of travel to Patagonia to join the yacht, there is no need: the flight from Miami is less than a flight from Miami to Monaco.

Explore Patagonia On Board M/Y MARCATO

The most suitable yacht for a charter to Patagonia is an expedition superyacht, also known as an ‘explorer yacht’. These yachts for charter are ruggedly handsome and fit for the elements on the outside while featuring all the glamorous accommodations and comforts of a superyacht. This type of vessel is increasingly popular with superyacht owners and charterers looking to get off the beaten track, and therefore ideal for travel to Patagonia.

One superb explorer yacht available for charter in Patagonia is M/Y MARCATO. This 43m purpose-built expedition yacht is a glamorous, welcoming haven to return to each evening after your adventures. Sit at the main salon bar for cocktails, excitedly discussing the things you’ve seen, before enjoying dinner at the marble-topped table, looking out the windows at the vast Patagonian landscapes.

With a contemporary, stylish interior of crisp whites and mahogany, M/Y MARCATO accommodates up to 12 guests in five palatial staterooms. There’s also a gym below deck which can be converted to a spa/massage room, while out on deck you’ll discover elegant deck spaces, including a sundeck with lounge spaces and hot tub.

As fitting for an explorer yacht, M/Y MARCATO is equipped with a wide range of water toys and special equipment, including a fishing boat, jet skis, and floating pontoons, as well as zero-speed stabilizers to ensure comfort at sea. M/Y MARCATO runs with a professional crew of seven who are looking forward to welcoming you on board for the adventure of a lifetime.

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