So, your plans for this summer include spending some time in Mykonos, the island with the legendary party scene, pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, and that charming Cycladic architecture that enchants and speaks of the island’s rich history. Before packing your bags, keep the useful tips given below somewhere handy to ensure you have a superb time while visiting the Island of the Winds!


Summer in the Cyclades, and Greece in general, is nothing like the summer of the northern countries, with the average temperature being between 20 and 30C (68-86 F). Don’t forget that Mykonos is also known to be a surfer’s paradise due to the north winds (called Meltemi) that blow most of the time (hence the nickname – Island of the Winds). For that reason, make sure you take a light jacket with you; you may need it when bar hopping after sunset or enjoying your meal in the evening. For weather patterns and updates, visit Meteo, the Greek weather channel.

Travel Tips for First Timers in Mykonos

Getting Around

Mykonos has a well organised public transportation. The three bus stations near the capital (called Chora or Mykonos Town) offer shuttles to almost all destinations and beaches every 20-30 minutes.

Travel Tips for First Timers in Mykonos

Now, if you are staying close to the Chora and arrive by ferry, the sea bus is a great option to relish views of the capital by sea. That way, instead of waiting in long lines to get a taxi, you save money (sea bus fare is only 2 euros as opposed to the more expensive taxis) and enjoy unique vistas of the Chora that a vehicle would not be able to provide you with. The sea bus will drop you off at the Old Port, where you may choose to continue your boat ride and head toward the island of Delos (we suggest to book a tour that includes a translator and an entrance ticket in advance).

Travel Tips for First Timers in Mykonos

Finally, if you wish to explore Mykonos rural landscape and step foot in any of the 30+ remote beaches (definitely worth seeing), you will certainly need an ATV or a 4×4 jeep. Luckily, there are several places to rent one (you will need to have a valid driver’s license).

Travel Tips for First Timers in Mykonos

Note: Most of the suburb streets are too small and narrow for an SUV to manoeuvre; better rent a motorcycle or a small car for in-town transportation.


Mykonos Town has a lot of public and private parking spaces (cost 10-15 euros). If you are visiting the windmills or areas around them, finding an available parking lot will be challenging, especially during 7pm and 2am (high traffic). We recommend leaving your car in the Old Town not far away from the windmills. There are always plenty of empty spaces there.

Travel Tips for First Timers in Mykonos

Note: If you are driving around town during peak times, always drive carefully. The Mykonian night scene is quite vibrant and you will find flocks of people partying and drinking throughout the day and night.

What to Eat

Although there is an impressive plethora of gourmet restaurants serving international cuisine and dishes prepared by awarded chefs, you should not miss out on local Mykonian food specialties, like kopanisti (local cream cheese with a distinct hot and spicy flavour), louza (locally produced meat product made from Mykonian pork), and traditional sausages (made with spices, seasoned with oregano and pepper, with no fat added).

Travel Tips for First Timers in Mykonos

Where to Stay

There is a broad spectrum of studios and hotel rooms to rent in the capital and most of the villages. However, more and more visitors choose the comfort and luxury of exclusive private Mykonian villas that have been specifically built in elite locations atop of hills and near hotspots to accommodate groups of people that wish to enjoy luxury, yet budget-friendly, vacations and a wide array of services (i.e. your own chef or babysitting services) while also savouring amazing views of the Aegean Sea from infinity pools or the veranda of your room.

Travel Tips for First Timers in Mykonos

Final Tips:

  • Ask for directions! Greeks are known for their hospitality!
  • Make reservations ahead of time, be it a restaurant or a sunbed.
  • Always apply lots of sunscreen. The Mediterranean sun is quite strong!
  • Make plans to explore the breath-taking underwater world. Worth every second of it!
  • Book a day trip to nearby islands of Paros, Syros, Naxos, or Tinos. Your eyes will see amazing places of unparalleled natural beauty.
  • The perfect places for windsurfing and kite are Kalafatis, Ftelia, and Korfos beaches.
  • Watch the sun kiss the day goodbye from Ornos, Kanalia, Agios Stefanos, or Agios Ioannis – all locations offering heart-stopping sunset views.

Enjoy your Mykonos Vacation!