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Traveling as a Foodie? How to Find the Best Restaurants at Your Destination

One of the greatest parts of traveling involves the amazing local food. You will hear about the popular hot spots. However, oftentimes, the popular hot spots involve long lines of tourists, overpriced meals, and inauthentic food. Try these tips to learn how to find the best restaurants at your destination.

Venture Outside of the Resort

All-inclusive resorts offer free food and drinks for the duration of your stay. However, you will get stuck eating food from the same restaurant and the same chefs every single day. Instead, venture outside of the resort to try different spots. Look for places dominated by locals, as those spots may be hidden gems, not all the tourists know about. When you leave the resort, stay safe! Travel in groups and stay in well-lit, safe areas.

Read Reviews of Downtown Restaurants

While downtown will contain numerous tourist traps, you can also find authentic, delicious cuisine. Before wandering around downtown to see the sites, do your research. Read about the best downtown restaurants in the area and select your top picks. You will have a much better experience than simply picking the most popular restaurants or selecting places to eat at random.

Try Something New

You’re on vacation! Do something wild by trying new cuisine. You will find various cuisine options in Vietnam. Instead of sticking to pho and spring rolls, you may feel adventurous enough to try blood pudding or a fermented pork roll. For the truly adventurous eaters, try eating duck embryos! You don’t have to go halfway around the world to try something new, either. Going to a Southern state can introduce you to items like collard greens, yams, and frog legs.

Go to Multiple Different Places

Even if you find a place you love in your destination city, you should continue to explore and try new places. Sure, you may end up with some not-so-great meals, but it’ll be worth it to find more authentic cuisine in the area before you leave. Go to a new food stand or restaurant every single day. When you plan well, you should find something delicious at every stop.

As a foodie, you should utilize every travel opportunity for all of the good food you can. No matter how much you try to emulate authentic food when you get home, there’s nothing like an excellent, authentic meal.

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